NBA Draft Rumor Mill Update: 1:25 PM ET

Favors has grown into one of the most sought after prospects in the 2010 draft class.

We all know that the NBA Draft is tonight, and with that said, the rumor mill is always churning. With a lot of talent available in the draft, could the Sixers decide that they are better off trading their second overall pick for a later pick and a veteran player? Or what if the Sixers decide that Evan Turner isn’t enough at #2, and they want another pick in the late first, or even second round?

Well folks, this is the place for all your draft updates (not limited to the Sixers), and I will be here all day providing any news, rumors, trades, and all the other nonsense that comes on draft day.

Continue after the jump for all the updates!

– We have a trade rumor of a possible Kirk Hinrich deal that would send him to Indiana along with their 17th pick for Chicago’s 10th pick.  

– Reports are out that the Los Angeles Lakers may look to move Lamar Odom for salary purposes. Not sure if the Sixers would look at him, and I wouldn’t want him anayways, but I’m sure there’s a few other teams out there that could use his services.

– The Bulls have talked with the Los Angeles Clippers about a deal that would send the 17th pick and Luol Deng to LA for the 8th pick.

– Ah, the Chris Paul sweepstakes. A new possible team is emerging, the Portland Trail Blazers. Without any true point guard (considering that Andre Miller could be done), the Blazers might go all in for Paul.

– The Denver Nuggets are expected to make a move up the board for a big man (Favors, Cousins), and a possible trade with the Nets (or Sixers) could occur.

– In a deal that occured last night, the Thunder acquired Daequan Cook ( a former 1st round pick for Philly) and the Heat’s first round pick for the Thunder’s second round pick?! Wow, what a deal for the Thunder, upgrading from a second round pick to the 18th overall pick.

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