NBA Lockout Vigil: Day 1

Basically, since the NBA stopped we’ll be holding a nightly vigil on the blog. During this down time, well, NBA fans need something to do. Some are resorting to watching other sports or doing other things. I know I am. But I want to keep in touch with the NBA fan family. So this is happening.

First, the 4 main features:

  • The NBA photo of the lost day: since the team sites can’t have them up, to help you remember people you cannot see.
  • Links of the lost day: stuff to keep you in the know
  • Twitter follow of the lost day: someone to follow on twitter, because he/she is cool and NBA-related
  • Something to watch: things to hold you over until the league comes back

I may add more, but this will be the crux of it. I’ll try to make it fun, and not depressing.

Photo of the Lost Day

Thad Young, whose services would be shopped at this point due to his restricted free agency. Of course, that isn’t happening because, well, you know.


Links of the Lost Day

Josh Hill tells us to blame the agents for this mess. I don’t disagree.

Deadspin gives us a look at the Nets’ books, from yesterday.

The lockout could cost the networks a lot of money.

Twitter Follow of the Lost Day

me! @SixerSense

Something to Watch

Not NBATV. That’s all.

  • Dante Nelson

    I know I caught myself watching a WNBA game. Sun and Sparks. Good game. Prefer NBA though. I remember the Sun winning on defense at the buzzer. Yeah… That reminds me of The whole site is all “lockout” stuff and a lot of WNBA stuff too.

  • Kyle Bright

    I have to say, it does not hit you until you go onto the team website. It is basically a giant season ticket package advertisement. And that is awful because why would you buy tickets when there will not be a season?

    • Sean O`Connor

      Apparently, we buy tickets to watch the dance team. Or that random guy who’s wearing a Sixers hat. Or something like that.