NBA Lockout Vigil: Day 22

Now the NFL Lockout won’t be over till next week at the earliest. Again, nothing meaningful will be missed. Let’s keep that in perspective.

Photo of the Day

From Gary Finkler: NBA stars have a new profession in mind. Make sure to check out his other cartoons at

Contract of the Day

Kobe Bryant will make $25 million plus in each of the next three years of his contract. It’s not outlandish other than it’s roughly half of the salary cap and that he has a full no-trade clause.

Links of the Day

Some players, with the help of their agents, should be in no rush to head to Turkey.

NBA owners stop offering as many contracts, but the old CBA forces them to pay up.

Dirk Nowitzki will play for Germany to attempt to earn a shot in the Olympics. The country’s chances improved by infinity percent.

Twitter Follow of the Day

Follow Ken Berger, @KBerg_CBS, who authored the CBA-pay up story and linked to it from his twitter account.

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