NBA Lockout Vigil: Day 27

Photo of the Day

I have no idea why, but I went into my random NBA player generator (that is, picking the most random player I can think of, so it’s not a generator by any stretch of the definition) and selected Gerald Henderson as today’s pic. Congrats!


Contract of the Day

Corey Maggette is the highest paid Bobcat – he’s due more than $10 million in each of the next two seasons. That’s a lot for a bunch of long twos, free throws, and nothing else.

Bonus Second Photo of the Day!!

This comes from Tom Ziller’s daily column. More on this after the graph.


Links of the Day

Something that makes sense: the NBA’s soft cap isn’t much of a cap, considering 29 of the 30 teams averaged a higher salary than the cap itself. My idea was always to make the salary cap and luxury tax line equal numbers. That would free up salary to make more moves that couldn’t be made with the cap. Certain exemptions would have to be eliminated, and the idea would have to be thought through more than I have done in these three sentences, but I always thought that would make sense.

Larry Brown’s up-tempo coaching style may be heading to Minnesota (from a few days ago). I just laughed and cried while writing that sentence. Oh David Kahn. Are you trying to get Rubio to go back to Spain?

Twitter Follow of the Day

Follow @DavidKahnGM – It may as well be the real thing.

Something to Watch

I’m actually going to a regular-season Phillies game tomorrow, for the first time in over a year (avoids shouts from people wondering why I have time for this but not the Sixers). So I’ll be watching that. You can watch Wipeout if you don’t live in the area or if you don’t have cable.

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