24. Chris Webber

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Seasons: almost 2

Stats: roughly 18 PTS, 9 REB, 3.3 AST per game, 17.5 PER

Accolades: none

Doing lists like these are tough. For example, I had no idea where to place C-Webb. Ultimately, I think this ranking very much overrates his impact on the Sixers over the past 30 years. He should probably be somewhere down near Dana Barros, who ended up 28th by putting up decent numbers but not having any impact on good teams. But here’s where C-Webb ended up in the final draft of the list, so we’ll go with it.

Webber came to the Sixers in a major mid-season trade for the unexciting Brian Skinner, Corliss Williamson (!), and Kenny Thomas (!!). They also acquired Michael Bradley (who stunk but played for Villanova) and Matt Barnes (yes, him). With that return, you would think Sacto was actively trying to get rid of C-Webb, clearly past his time with a balky knee and diminishing skill set. Granted, C-Webb still clearly had something left in the tank, as he did collect an average of 18-9 in his time with the 76ers. But his time was a rocky one – Webber stunk it up for the 20 games he played when he was first traded to the Sixers. But despite this, the roster had a decent record with C-Webb as it made its way to the playoffs, only to be deposed by the Pistons.

Webber came back the next season with greater numbers across the board, but the team struggled over the course of the season compared to preseason expectations. Finishing at 38-44, the Sixers missed the playoffs despite having Allen Iverson and Chris Webber on the team. Quite an accomplishment, considering both clearly had something left in the tank. Then the fan-appreciation night fiasco happened, and Webber only played for a few games the next year before being bought out.

Chris Webber was arguably the most talented sidekick for Allen Iverson, though clearly the combo would have been much more dynamic even 2 or 3 years earlier. But in the end, it didn’t work out. Webber did come across as sorry for his slight, and his overall NBA impact is difficult to ignore. He put up the best number this side of Dikembe Mutombo as an Iverson sidekick, which probably made me think more highly of him than I should have.

Webber’s strong play, but also his corresponding lack of success, puts him at 24 on this list.

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