Re-sign Elton Brand?

Elton Brand’s contract ends after the 2012-2013 season. There’s a whole 2 seasons before it expires. Ok well the lockout may shorten his playing time a bit. But 2 years and that contract is gone. Does this team need Brand on the team? Well, he’s shown me that he is a great professional. He’s worked hard to get back to playing Elton Brand basketball. He’ll never be able to live up to his contract. But…when he expires he’ll be 34. Now, with the injury he had, 34 may be very old for him. Or, he could still have something in the tank.

The question is would you re-sign Elton Brand if his new contract were to be affordable? It’s most likely he would be a bench player behind what I’m hoping will be a young PF the Sixers draft or perhaps trade for. He would be a veteran who could provide good work ethnic and leadership to the young PF as well as the rest of the team. The down side could be that he would be having problems with his knee that he messed up in 2007-2008. Maybe some back problems. But, this past season he didn’t have many problems, especially since he was playing out of position for a good part of the season. He played Center for a long time this season and if he continues that trend his health may suffer.

Why ask this? It looks like his contract may not be able to be traded; even in his last year. And even if they trade him, what kind of return would the team get? So, let’s assume he’ll never get traded in this scenario.

Ok so what would you do?

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