Sixers On This Day Of The Week: Saturday

Yeah so first off I gotta say that was a great series Sean put up for the top 30 players in the past 30 years. What did you think about it? I thought it was fair.The suspense for #1 was nice. When I made my list, I think I put Iverson at number one but I’ve been changing my mind all month long. I’m still changing my mind and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve flipped my decision.

Ok so on to my post.

For the first 7 days of October I will be giving a series of posts. In the world of an NBA lockout, creative and innovative minds have to take over in order to keep interesting content up. I’m going to attempt to do that by looking at the Sixers’ record for a day of the week. Today is Saturday so the games they played on Saturday will be in review. I’m going to cover the last 3 seasons 08-09, 09-10 (yuck!) and 10-11. Why only 3 seasons? The most likely scenario is that I will do more seasons if the lockout continues for too long and I’m running out of other stuff to write about.

You can say for each day of the week we will look at these numbers:

  • Number of games played
  • The opponent they faced the most
  • Points per game and opponent’s PPG
  • And of course, overall record.

We’re not going to look at each season individually.

Saturday. The weekend. It’s always nice for me to chill on Saturday night and watch a good game.  In the past 3 seasons, the Sixers have played 38 games out of a possible 246 games. That’s about 15%. The opponent they faced the most on Saturday is…hm…it’s a tie between the Pacers, Nets, Pistons, Knicks, and Bulls, all 3 times each. What I found interesting was there were three times that the Sixers went against a team for two Saturdays in a row. In 08-09 they went against the Knicks two Saturdays in a row and the Heat two in a row. Now when I say two Saturdays in a row, I don’t mean 7 days apart (although that has happened on this day of the week versus the Knicks), I just mean that for the next two games the Sixers played on that day, it was against the same opponent. In 09-10, they took on the Bulls twice in a row. The most games they won in a row is 3. The most they lost in a row is 5.

Sixers scored 99.5 PPG and their opponents scored 99.4. So basically the average was a really close game. Imagine 82 games of that kind of score. My heart would stop. But there were some blowouts in there. Yet, the Sixers’ record for Saturday is 17-21. Not bad. Shoot, it’s better than I thought it would be. That’s a .447 win percentage. Will the other days be as good? I’ll let you in on a secret: The Sixers have played only 7 games on one day of the week in the past three seasons. Yup. Know which day? You’ll have to either do your own research (which is actually encouraged) or you can wait for it.

I’m kind of experimenting with this. If I look at more areas in later days I’ll put a link in there to bring you back to this post to read the update. I would tell you what tomorrow is but I think you know.

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