Sixers On This Day Of The Week: Sunday

Sunday had 23 games in the past 3 seasons. That’s 9% of the games of the seasons. They went 13-10 (.565). Yup a winning record. In the 08-09 and the 10-11 season, the Sixers went 41-41. But in between the seasons they had that disaster and went 27-55. Why mention this? Because the records just from the two 41-41 seasons are actually looking pretty good. The 09-10 season drags things down. So that winning record on Sunday is rather impressive. They only have a losing record to 4 opponents out of 14.

They faced the Nuggets the most on Sunday and they beat them all three times. They also faced the Nuggets two Sundays in a row in 10-11. They scored 96.9 PPG verses 96.5 for their opponents. Just like Saturday, they averaged a close game. The winning streak reached 4 games and their losing streak reached 5 games, at the most.

For the weekend, the Sixers played in about 24% of their games.

The weekend didn’t see too many games. But Monday should have some nice games to look at. This is turning out to be a nice short series. I think I’m going to either do more seasons or I’ll look at these three seasons in greater depth. We’ll see how the rest of the series plays out. Stay tuned!