Links on New Ownership

Suggested reading/watching on new ownership:

Kate Fagan with some (well, lots of) key quotes from the press conference and translations of said quotes. This is dense, but it contains all of the essentials. Like usual, Kate is thorough. This includes three key points:

1. “Slashed” ticket prices for almost 9,000 seats

2. A new marketing campaign

3. An interactive website for fans to suggest improvements to the team:

Bob Cooney with confirmation that Ed Stefanski is already gone. has the full press conference, though you should be warned that it is almost 45 minutes long.

Joseph DiStephano (of the PhillyDeals blog on with the full list of owners and their claims to fame, including Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith.

I’ll have more on this later, when I can go over the more intricate details of the announcement. But I leave you with these as a primer on what you’ll need to know going forward, what looks to be good about the new owners, and what, if anything, to potentially worry about.

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