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New Sixer Sense feature? Well Sean put up a review of the Sixers’s game against the Blazers. My “review” of the game is here: A Rant About A Sixers Game. A warning though; it’s a pretty negative outlook on the game because of the ending of the game. I spent quite some time after the game ended just ranting. It wasn’t pretty. Anyway, I’ve been doing some thinking and after the jump I will present an idea for a weekly post on this site that has probably never been used before any where else.

I’ve always liked doing things unheard of. Innovator? Not sure. But I’ve been thinking about doing this ever since the Sixers made/remade their logo change. There were many serious calculations in my laboratory that doesn’t exist in the past 2 years before I finally decided that now is the time. I mentioned before I love to improve my writing or blogging or whatever. This is a way to do that. The Sixer Sense is a pretty cool site ya know? I mean how many teams can pull off a blog name that has a similar name as a movie. So many things had to go right. But I’m getting off track here. Let’s talk about what TSS is bringing to you. Of course, I haven’t even let Sean know I was doing this! Risky business. But Sean’s a cool guy. I think it’ll work out. He’s more sophisticated and flexible than Sean Connery. Wow, similar names!

Sales pitch on to-do list: Check!

Ask yourself this: What do the Hawks, Wizards, Pistons, Clippers, Nets and Sixers have in common? Their colors. Red, white, and blue. Of course, you still have no idea where I’m going. I better get to the point before I forget. What I plan on doing every week is present power rankings for these 6 teams. The Red White and Blue Watch, or something like that. So basically I would keep track of these teams every week. Are the Sixers the best red, white, and blue team in the NBA? We’ll find out.

Alright well the post would be every Sunday. You would find it to be like a typical Power Ranking: Week in review in terms of how well they perform, what the team’s big stat was during the week, and then a preview of the week ahead and record predictions. What should it be called? Red, White, Blue Power Rankings? (I’m actually all out of ideas besides that).

Sixers beat play the Suns on Wednesday!


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