Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings: 12/25/11-12/31/11

I put the whole dates there on the title because we’re in a new year! Happy New Year everybody from, me, Sean, and Kyle. We entered the year on a fairly high note watching the Sixers destroy the Warriors. But this isn’t a game review. Like I mentioned earlier last week I’m doing power rankings of the 6 NBA teams that use red, white and blue only in their logos. This includes the Sixers, Clippers, Nets, Pistons, Hawks, and Wizards. And so let’s do it!


As the weeks go on I will be making improvements through trial and error. Later weeks may look different than earlier weeks. The same things will be discussed. Today we’ll start it off slow. Keep it simple. I have to admit I had a bit of a family crisis this week. so my attention wasn’t completely on preparing these rankings. Hopefully, things clear up and I can once again (or start to) focus on the rankings.

So first we’ll look at how the week went for each team. The order that I mention the teams in is how they rank each week. Then we’ll look at who the teams face and my record predictions for the week. Sixers may not be on top of the entire league but at least they have a shot at being the best in color.

Week Review:

Ok so let’s review how well the teams did in their first NBA week. The two numbers next to the team names represent as follows: Current Week ranking (Previous Week ranking).

Atlanta Hawks: 1 (-)

Week record: 3-1

Hawks started the season off right winning their first 3 games of the season before finally losing to the Rockets. Then again, they beat the Nets twice and the Wizards. Not like they had to work hard for those games. Rockets are a fairly good team. We’ll have to watch and see if Hawks only beat bad teams and lose against good teams. If that continues, they may fall down the list. But, this first week, I’ll give it to them. At least they are winning games they are suppose to be winning.

Philadelphia 76ers: 2 (-)

Week record: 2-2

Look, Sixers won their two games in blowout fashion. Great. But in their losses, they did not rebound and their shot selection was off. It was like looking at two different teams this week. Sixers should be 4-0 if they played like they did versus the Suns. Get in the passing lanes and get to the rim. Sixers also are causing some alarm with their FT%. It needs to get better, fast.

Los Angeles Clippers: 3 (-)

Week record: 1-2

Clippers have shown they have a ways to go to reach contender status. they beat the not good Warriors to start the season but lost to still kinda able to contend Spurs and the Bulls carried by the MVP. While “Lob City” shouldn’t turn into “Lottery City”, I certainly think they need more improvement to be the best in the west. But, this team had Chris Paul. And it’s the team’s first run together as the roster has changed big time during the off-season. As the season goes on they should have better chemistry.

Detroit Pistons: 4 (-)

Week record: 1-3

Pistons lost their first three games of the season. Two of them were against playoff teams (Celtics and Pacers). Then, the Pistons came back with vengeance and beat the Pacers, dominating most of the game. Oh no they won’t make the playoffs, but it’s good they’re beating good teams like the Pacers. Pacers are good, not great.

New Jersey Nets: 5 (-)

Week record: 1-3

We talked about the Hawks beating the Nets twice. Also, Nets lost against the Magic. Hawks and Magic are good teams so I’ll give the Nets that. But, their losing margin was actually not very good at 19 points per game. They beat the Wizards by 6. Scores like this are characteristics of bad teams.

Washington Wizards: 6 (-)

Week record: 0-3

Speaking of the Wizards, they are winless this season so far. I’m sure they’ll pull in about 15-22 wins this season. But if you look at the scores of the games, you can see the Wizards have scored less and less each game while the opponent’s total increases each game. Lost to Hawks, Nets, and Bucks. Lost by a total of  45 points or 15 points per game. Of course Sixers fans know how to beat this team too. Dominating their preseason match-ups.


Week Preview: 1/1/12- 1/7/12 (need to get used to writing “2012”)

Hawks face the Heat (the team and maybe even literally), Bulls, and then they have a back-back-back starting on Thursday against the Heat, Bobcats, and Bulls. This looks to be a tough week for them. I’d say they go 1-4, beating the Bobcats. Still, don’t be surprised to see them go winless. Oh wait, didn’t the Hawks give the Heat a hard time last season…?

Sixers have one last away game before they come home and play a home game for the first time this season. They week looks easy. Hornets, Pistons, and Raptors. I’d be surprised to see one loss but knowing the Sixers, they may let one slip away. Just hope it’s not the Pistons game, the home opener game. 3-0.

Clippers stay home all week. They face the Blazers (today), Rockets, and Bucks. I see them losing today but beating the Rockets and Bucks. 1-2 for the week. But each game could go either way.

Pistons face the Magic, Bulls, Sixers, and Knicks. I see them losing all four but actually think they may be able to hang with the Knicks. Worse thing is 0-4 but best scenario is 1-3 with a victory over the Knicks. Like I said for the Sixers though, Sixers could end up dropping this game.

Nets have an interesting week ahead of them. Cavaliers (today), Pacers, Celtics, Raptors, and Heat. Why is that interesting? Actually, I don’t know. The Nets can go 2-3 beating the Cavaliers and Raptors. Can they upset Pacers, Celtics, or Heat? If they do upset somebody I feel the Pacers could be the victim. So 2-3 or 3-2 is possible with this team this week.

Wizards will be looking for their first win of the season. It won’t be easy. Celtics twice (one game today), Magic and Knicks. Good luck with that. I say 0-4.


Looks like I don’t see much of a good week for the teams. Let’s see how the week goes. Sixers’ next game is Wednesday against the Hornets. So we’ll have a few days of no action. I can’t wait for the first back-back-back of the season for them. I have never seen that before. I think it has happen before but not while I was around watching. Hopefully, no injuries come along.



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