Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings: 1/1-1/7

This week was great for the Sixers and Hawks. I was very impressed with the Hawks though. I’ll marvel at them later but it’s been another week of Red, White, and Blue basketball. Not much of an intro to give you so let’s just get to the rankings!

Week Review: Current ranking (last week ranking)

Hawks: 1 (1)

Week Record: 3-2 (my prediction was 1-4)

Hawks simply were amazing this past week. I did mention that the Hawks have given the Heat problems but wow. They beat the Heat on Monday and then the Heat needed three Overtimes to beat the Hawks on Thursday. Thursday was the first of a back-back-back for the Hawks. The second game went into OT vs the Bobcats. Hawks won. Then they had to face the Bulls. And somehow they blew the Bulls out. If I’m a Hawks fan, I’m feeling pretty good about my team. Beat the Heat and Bulls, two elite east teams, in one week. Even though my prediction was wrong, I don’t think it was a negative look.

76ers: 2 (2)

Week Record: 3-0 (my prediction was 3-0. Guess I know my team!)

Even though Sixers went undefeated, the opponents just were not the same caliber as what the Hawks faced. Hornets, Pistons, and Raptors are not Bulls and Heat. Sixers just had it easy. Still, Sixers dominated all three games and Spencer Hawes has really been great on offense and rebounding. I have some theories as to why or how this is happening. I’ll talk about that this week. Back to Sixers, they won by an average of 11 points this week but the games played on Friday and Saturday were won by average of 29. Again, these wins are great but let’s see how they do against better teams.

Clippers: 3 (3)

Week Record: 3-0 (my prediction was 1-2)

I did say each game could go either way but Clippers pretty much dominated like Sixers. But, they nearly lost against the Blazers after leading by 17 in the fourth and they couldn’t shake the injured and not so good Bucks. So they stay at the 3 spot. Still, not a bad week.

Pistons: 4 (4)

Week Record: 1-3 (my prediction was 1-3. Super!)

Pistons started things off right with a win against the Magic but then dropped three straight blowouts.  Still, Pistons seem to have a nice team. I don’t know what it is. They just have some nice players. Don’t be surprised to see this team as a good team in a couple of successful lottery years.

Nets: 5 (5)

Week Record: 1-4 (my prediction was 2-3)

Nets were a team I couldn’t really make up my mind about. Deron Williams, to me, is still one of the best PG’s in the league. I just don’t see him washed up or anything. And because of that, Nets are always in some sort of chance to make it. Williams is hurt plus Brook Lopez is out so Nets struggles make sense. Somehow though, if both players were healthy, Nets are a better team than this. That’s how I feel. They better hope they get Dwight Howard.

Wizards: 6 (6)

Week Record: 0-4 (my prediction was 0-4)

Wizards…well even though they lost each game and are winless this season, they have been trying. They lost by an average of 8 points against the Celtics in two meetings this week. Yeah they lost by 18 to the Magic but actually blew out the Knicks for a while before finally losing by 3 on a buzzer beater by Carmelo Anthony. So, they have kind of gotten close but just can’t get over that hump. I seriously doubt that they will go 0-66; and I think everyone agrees with this. Still, Wizards have shown they are just not a good team. Perhaps a win will come this week.

Week Preview: 1/8-1/14

Hawks have 4 games this week. They travel to New York Jersey to face the Nets, then visit Pacers and then two at home against the Bobcats and T-wolves. The toughest match they may face is Pacers. I want to say Hawks win all 4 but I feel like there is one game that is theirs to lose. Eh…okay…3-1. T-Wolves have been pretty good lately. Hanging with the Heat, beat the champs. I’m not saying T-Wolves are a good team, just playing good basketball. I guess I’m still in shock like what is going on with Hawes.

Sixers have their first back-back-back of the season. And then they have a back-back after a day of rest. It’s the opposite of Hawks last week. Anyway, the bad news is they have 5 games in 6 nights. Good news, the teams are not too tough to face and there is only one road game which is a short trip to face the Knicks. The teams they face at home are Pacers, Kings, and Wizards twice. Sixers got lucky with an “easy” schedule based by opponents. I see the Sixers sweeping the week but I’m scared of that back-back-back and with Hawes slightly injured and Brand not playing too well, Sixers may suffer down low. Nikola Vucevic has been good every time he hits the court. I really hope he turns out to be a good player for the team. So i’ll go 4-1 with a loss either to Pacers or Knicks. But skill-wise, Sixers could win each game this week.

Clippers have an interesting week. Only three games but all three are against good teams. Blazers, Heat, and Lakers are all playoff teams. I see Clippers going 1-2 with a win vs Blazers. BUT, Lakers haven’t been Lakers like we’re used to seeing. So, I’m going out on a limb and saying Clippers go 2-1 this week. Yeah…I know. But, like last week, each game could go either way.

Nets have a tough week ahead of them. Hawks, Nuggets, Suns, and Jazz. I actually see Nets beating Suns. Nets’ only home game is vs Hawk; and that’s their first game of the week. Then head to Denver, then down to Phoenix, then back up to Utah. Tough travels. 1-3 for the week.

And finally, Wizards. Last week was really tough. This week, somewhat easier. The only really good team they face are Bulls. If they want to win their first game of the season, beating the Raptors is their best chance this week. Or T-Wolves. But, like I mentioned before, Wolves have been playing well. So let’s stick with Raptors as best chance. The other two games this week are both against the Sixers, who had shown pre-season dominance in two meetings. Can Wizards avenge their losses, or will Sixers continue dominance? I actually think Sixers will drop one game to Wizards. Plus, I think Wizards can beat Raptors. So…I may have lost it but…I say Wizards go 2-3 this week. I used to cover the Wizards for a blogsite I mentioned: Hardcourt Mayhem. That was last season actually. So I’m a bit familiar with the team. But yeah 2-3.


So looking at the predictions I had, I’d say I did a pretty good job of my guess work. Only prediction I really missed on was for the Clippers. Leave your predictions or thoughts in the comments. Oh yes, I’m patting myself on the back. And follow me on Twitter @Dantewrites to get some game commentary from me. Follow Sean too @SixerSense, although based on what he’s told me, he won’t be around much this week. He usually provides some in game commentary as well though. And actually, I’m going to post a list of people to follow on Twitter. “Sixers On Twitter” will show you current and former players of the team as well as members of the media and front office that cover the Sixers. That way, you can stay on top of Sixers news! Of course, The Sixer Sense always brings in the news as well.


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