Spencer Hawes Theories

I wanted to investigate why Spencer Hawes all of a sudden became good player; at least on offense. This post may be more fun than serious but his injury got me thinking about what Sean said “Spencer Hawes, as I mentioned during the game, Space Jammed someone out of his talents. It’s the only explanation. Hopefully his roll continues into 2012″ Space Jam, in case you don’t know, is a movie where a bunch of cartoon characters steal NBA player’s skills. That’s what Sean was aiming at. While it may not be the only explanation, surprisingly enough, this may be the best option.

When the season started, Hawes was blowing everybody’s mind with hook shots and fadeaways. When Sean made his statement, I started to think of who he could have Space Jammed. During this time, Elton Brand actually was not playing well. What I noticed after Hawes started to slow down from the injury was Brand starting to play better. So I’m going on record as to saying that Spencer Hawes Space Jammed Elton Brand! Yes, it makes perfect sense. Spencer Hawes actually sucks. So, when he took Elton’s offensive game, his body got overwhelmed by what Hawes was doing out there and that explains the injury. Too hot to handle. And so the skills returned to Brand and that’s why we see him playing well. Sure, it could be that Elton just played himself into shape, or that he felt the need to step up with Hawes being out. But, c’mon people, that Space Jam theory sounds WAY cooler.

Oh yeah there are some other ideas to consider to Hawes’ early success after the jump.

Contact Year

My first logical explanation was that this was the last year of his contract . You see it all the time. Players want to maximize how much they can earn. So, if Spencer plays out of his mind enough, management will lean on paying him a bit more to keep him. It’s good business on his part. If this is the case, don’t be surprised to see him not improve that much when he gets his new deal. I just hope Sixers don’t over pay him. They did a better job with Thad Young so I’m actually not too worried. Still, the possibility is there.

Spencer Finally Woke Up

Yeah or maybe this is legit. Perhaps this is what we can expect from a healthy Hawes. If that’s the case, then the trade that brought him here was worth it. Yes, Hawes may now be showing off some decent playing skills that will prove to be valuable in the Sixers’ rebuilding efforts. And if Hawes is the real deal, then the Sixers just need a solid or perhaps a star PF to go along with Holiday and Turner. I’m open to keeping Iguodala and I’ll explain that in another post. Holiday, Turner, Iguodala, Star/Solid PF and Hawes. Sounds ok but there are some flaws with that too. Collins may have been the motivation behind Hawes’ explosion too.

Just A Phase

Maybe Hawes just had a random explosion and will now start playing like what we saw last season.

So that’s it. Obviously, the Space Jam theory is the ideal one. Right? Hello? Well anyway, I will enjoy Spencer doing more good things on offense if he’s still got it in him. Got any theories? Comment away!

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