Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings: 1/15-1/21

Sixers have trouble against good teams, Hawks continue to hang tough without injured star, and Wizards get a big win this past week. The order of the rankings have shifted. Who in the world…is on top of the world? The top 3 teams in this ranking this week are VERY close to each other. Don’t let the rankings get to you; it could have gone either way. I had trouble deciding which team had the best week. Oh, by the way, it’s the Sixers, Hawks, and Clippers. Let’s see what happens…

Week Review: Current Ranking (Previous Ranking)

Sixers: 1 (1)

Week Record: 2-2 (my prediction was 3-1)

Sixers keep their spot but for how long? I mentioned that Sixers had 3 main weaknesses in their game that prevented them from the land of the elite. And they showed up against the Nuggets and Heat. Even so, Sixers played hard and never quit. Evan Turner has started to shine as a player, but coach Collins may not notice or doesn’t care.

Hawks: 2 (3)

Week Record: 3-1 (my prediction was 2-2)

Hawks move back into the 2nd place spot after their continued strong play without their star player, Al Horford. How long will that last, who knows? Pretty sure they will fade at some point. Certainly not winning their division but playoffs still possibility. The Hawks beat the Blazers, Raptors and Cavaliers so they didn’t have strong competition but they still won the games in convincing fashion. And they hung with the Sixers on the road (at the time Sixers were undefeated at home) so this week went well.

Clippers: 3 (2)

Week Record: 2-2 (my prediction was 2-2)

Again, these top three teams all could have been in different spots. Clippers played a back-back-back and did well. Sure, they got blown out by the Jazz but they beat the Mavs and Nets. Also, they had a close loss to T-Wolves. They didn’t have Chris Paul so that’s something. Something tells me Clippers will soon be the better L.A. team. As a Sixers fan slash Laker hater, I’m fine with this.

Wizards: 4 (6)

Week Record: 1-2 (my prediction was 1-2)

So why are the Wizards up this high after being taken off of life support? Because they woke up. Sixers faced them last weekend and there were some quotes about how Wizards were using Sixers as example of keeping their heads up even with poor start. Don’t quit. They only had 3 games this week but, if you’re a Wizard fan, this was the best week this season. They had the Rockets, Thunder, and Nuggets. In the beginning of the season, Wizards would have been abused. But, now the Wizards beat the Thunder and had close calls with the Nuggets and Rockets. Maybe it’s because of the fact that the Wizards are the first NBA team I ever ran or seriously blogged about, but the Wizards always have a special place in my heart and it’s great to see some life.

Nets: 5 (5)

Week Record: 1-2 (my prediction was 1-2)

Well Nets, you did what I thought you would do. And that’s not good. At this point, Nets may end up losing Deron Williams. If this happens, Nets are so screwed. Um…I guess we can start moving on then.

Pistons: 6 (4)

Week Record: 1-4 (my predictions was 1-4)

Pistons beat Blazers but this week was terrible. Ok, not terrible but they lost by an average of 12.5. It was actually funny. Pistons lost four in a row this past week. Lost by 8…then 17…then 8…then 17 again. That’s losing with style. There’s your consistency. Yes we’re going to be positive here. Good show.


Week Preview: 1/22-1/28

Sixers have another easy week. Wizards, Nets, Bobcats and Pistons. All at home. I think I see a broom? Yes, there is a broom. 4-0 Sweep! Feel sorry for the clean-up guys though. So. Much. Confetti.

Hawks are on the road for their 3 games. Bucks, Spurs, and Pistons. I can see Hawks beating Bucks and Pistons and a loss to Spurs. Most likely it’s 2-1 but won’t be surprised to see a sweep from these Hawks. Hawks should still have success without Horford.

Clippers have two home games and one away game. That away game? It’s against the Lakers so…is it really away? Really? The other two teams are the Raptors and Grizzlies. While the Clippers did beat the Lakers, I actually think Lakers win so Clippers go 1-2. I’m undecided for Grizzlies game.

Wizards have chance to avenge their blowout losses to the Sixers, not only from last weekend, but from Preseason too. Don’t see that happening though. They also face Celtics, Bobcats twice, and Rockets. 5 games in 7 days is going to be hard. But, if they play like last week, they should be able to beat Bobcats both times and maybe beat the Rockets too. But, we’ll play it safe and go 2-3.

Nets are in for a long week. After they face the Bobcats, they see Bulls, Sixers, and Cavaliers. 1-3 with a win on Bobcats. Good grief.

Pistons may get swept this week. Thunder, Heat, Hawks, and Sixers. That’s not fair. I hear there’s a good draft class coming up. 0-4. To keep it somewhat positive; most likely win comes on Hawks. Not like Pistons will be destroyed. I see them putting up a fight. Just don’t see any wins. Tough break for a once really good team in a not as great as it used to be city.


So my predictions have been a bit off. Later I should have a little something up. My thoughts on the chances the Sixers have of winning their division.


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