Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings: 1/22-28

The rankings are after the jump. Not much of an intro this time so… Oh well actually, there is a new member of the top 3 teams.

Week Review: Current Ranking (Previous Ranking)

Sixers: 1 (1)

Week Record: 3-1 (my prediction was 4-0)

Sixers lost one to the Nets. I’ve been saying that Deron Williams is truly one of the best PG’s in the league. He’s possibly in the top 3. It’s a shame that the Nets suck because now he’s not getting a lot of attention like he used to in Utah. But, in the other games, the Sixers did their usual blowouts. And so, this keeps them in the top spot.

Clippers: 2 (3)

Week Record: 2-1 (my predictions was 1-2)

Clippers and Hawks keep going back and forth in the rankings. And while both teams had the same record, Clippers faced better teams so they grab the 2-spot. I knew the Clippers would lose to Lakers. Wasn’t sure about the Grizzlies game so it could have gone 2-1 or 1-2. So the Clippers had a good week. At least I would say so.

Nets: 3 (5)

Week Record: 3-1 (my prediction was 1-3. Ha.)

Nets made a jump this week. I’ll admit that I was torn between Hawks and Nets but that win vs the Sixers kind of put them over the top. And while they may not last in the top 3 for long, they deserved to be here this week. They had the opposite record that I predicted them to have. If this keeps up I’ll predict Sixers lose for the rest of the season. Yeah, I’m kidding,  but, with Lopez injured and no real way to trade for Dwight Howard in sight, Nets may have more problems in New York.

Hawks: 4 (2)

Week Record: 2-1 (my predictions was 2-1)

Hawks drop from 2nd place. I knew they weren’t going to beat the Clippers out even with the same record because Hawks had a easier week. Then, Nets had a decent week. So, Hawks drop down here. But they went 2-1 which is not the same as 1-2 (see?). Hawks had close finishes over Bucks and Pistons. And they got blown out by the Spurs. I did say that this would happen but the other two teams did better.

Wizards: 5 (4)

Week Record: 2-3 (my prediction was 2-3)

Wizards dropped down a spot but it’s ok. They had a decent week, matching my prediction exactly.They have a new coach but this team needs more a lot more work done on it before significant improvement is made.

Pistons 6 (6)

Week Record: 0-4 (my prediction was 0-4)

And the Pistons seem to have made it a home here in 6th place. Pistons lost each game this week. They hung around with the Heat and Hawks. If only more teams started with the letter H. They were blown out by Thunder and Sixers by 20 and 21 points, respectively. This is a team that seems to be kind of rebuilding but then they’re not. This is an awkward team for sure. On the plus side, the corpse of Ben Wallace will probably be able to team a thing or two to the young Piston big men. It can’t go wrong.

Week Preview: 1/29-2-4

Sixers have what may be their toughest week yet. Magic, Bulls, Heat, and Hawks. I see a win on the Hawks for sure. As for the other 3 teams, well, I mentioned last week that the most likely team the Sixers could beat in a 7 game series were the Bulls. Now obviously, the Bulls are a great team. Go ahead and read the original post because I’m moving on. Anyway, I feel the Sixers will beat one of these elite teams: Magic, Heat or Bulls. Magic have seem vulnerable. So I’m going to say Sixers go 2-2.

Clippers have 5 games this week and it’s not going to be easy. Nuggets twice, Jazz, Thunder and Wizards. Whew. I see a win on Wizards and Jazz. I see a split of Nuggets match-ups. But a loss to Thunder. So, Clippers go 3-2 this week.

Nets may fall again this week. Or maybe not. They have 5 games this week too but Raptors, Pacers, Pistons, T-Wolves, and Knicks. Each of these games are winnable. I see them beat Raptors and Pistons. Lose to Pacers and Wolves. Knicks have seemed bad but I’m not sure Nets beat them. We’ll go 2-3.

Hawks could sneak back into the top three this week. They have 4 games this week. Hornets, Raptors, Grizzlies, and Sixers. I already said Sixers would win. Hawks should beat Raptors and Hornets. Grizzlies? Uh…because they’re home I’ll say a win. So 3-1. My tummy hurts.

Wizards go 1-3. Lose to Bulls, Magic, and Clippers. I see them beating the Raptors though. So yeah 1-3.

Pistons…oh boy. They start the week off with a back-back-back. And then they have a day off before a back-back. But the teams are not going to kill them, I don’t think. Bucks twice, Knicks, Nets and Hornets. Should be able to take on Bucks. Maybe split those two meetings. Already said Nets would win. Lose to Hornets and Knicks. So 1-4.


I’m really curious about the Sixers this week. They have some injuries so things may not work out that much. Still, depending on how well they play this week will really help me determine if Sixers are the real deal or not. But, no matter what, Sixers will still win their division. I’m still sure of this. Celtics have been making a run but we’ll see how long their bodies hold up.

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