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Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings: 2/5-2/11

This past week was interesting to say the least. We had a case of Rock, Papers, Scissors. How? Clippers lost to Cavaliers, Clippers beat Sixers, and Sixers beat Cavaliers. Balance. And there is a new leading in the rankings. In fact, there was a bit of movement at the bottom of the standings too. And this is my last week doing the power rankings in this format. There will be some changes. And it’s going to be a bit short this week. You’ll still get my great sense of humor, just in shorter spurts. Oh what was that? You say you want to just get on with the rankings? We’ll get to the rankings when I want to! Oh no it’s ok. I’m not offended or anything. Let’s get to it.

Week Review: Current Week (Last Week)

Clippers: 1 (2)

Week Record: 3-1 (my prediction was 2-2)

It pains me to do this but Clippers had the better week in my opinion. I’m a Sixers fan for crying out loud! They beat quality teams; including ranking rivals Sixers. Plus, they lost Chauncey Billups for the rest of the season and possibly for career. Billups is a very good player and I really feel bad for his injury. Clippers should be ok though. And Billups hasn’t quit so that’s good. Are the Clippers cursed though? I’m not ready to believe it just yet. Maybe we should ask Elton Brand…

Sixers: 2 (1)

Week Record: 2-2 (my prediction was 3-1)

Sixers started the week off right by beating big time rivals in the Lakers. Then, they seemed to just not play at the same level as they lost to Spurs and Clippers. This was the first time they lost 2 in a row all season. They rounded the week out with a blowout win over the Cavaliers. I could go on about their troubles at the free throw line but I quit crying. I’m convinced that it will not change any time soon. Moving on.

Hawks: 3 (3)

Week Record: 2-1 (my prediction was 1-2)

I said I felt it was a weird week to try and predict what would happen. Hawks had a good week. They beat the Pacers and Magic. They lost to the Suns though… Anyway, the birds are still soaring even without Horford. I say that because I though Hawks would be done by now. Guess not. Good for them.

Pistons: 4 (4)

Week Record: 2-0 (my prediction was 1-1

Pistons had a quiet week. They faced the Nets twice. And beat them both times. Is there really anything left to say?

Wizards: 5 (6)

Week Record: 1-2 (my prediction was 1-2)

Wizards moved up because they beat the Raptors. That’s about it. But at least I got my prediction right. Right? Of course. Wizards were one of the early victims of the new Linsanity that’s taken the basketball world by storm. That’s another reason why I gave them the 5th spot. Yeah, I lied it wasn’t just the win over Raptors. So what? At least they won a game this week. And they had a sellout versus the Heat. But…well…there where more Heat fans in there. So…yeah.

Nets: 6 (5)

Week Record: 0-4 (my prediction was 1-3)

Nets are just…I mean they’re… They have some good weeks and some bad weeks. I guess that’s to be expected. But if the Nets think that Deron Williams is going to be able to keep this team competitive every night, then they are doomed. Howard or bust. Seriously.

Week Preview: 2/12-2/18

Clippers may not last in first place for long. Mavericks, Wizards, Blazers, and Spurs. So I think Mavs lose. they can beat the Wizards. They lose to Spurs and Blazers. So 2-2.

Sixers survived their recent 8 games stretch; going 5-3. This week, they have three games. The Bobcats, Magic, and Mavericks. I see them beating Magic and the Cats. I want the Sixers to beat the defending champs; especially since it’s on national tv. But, Sixers will go 2-1. I see a loss this week. I just don’t know where.

Hawks are in trouble. Heat, Suns, Lakers and Blazers. While they lost to Suns this past week, I think Hawks beat them. Out of the other 3 teams, I do see a win. Most likely on the Lakers. What? Actually, they have been giving the Heat some trouble… 2-2.

Pistons have quite a week. Wizards, Celtics, Spurs, and Kings. Beat the Wizards. Lose to the other 3. 1-3. It’s possible they go 2-2. But really people. Who would they beat?

Wizards made it up to 5 place because they won a game. But can you tell me with a straight face that they will win a game this week? they have 4 games. On the road. Pistons, Blazers, Clippers, and Jazz. Who are they beating? Hm? Pistons? Maybe. They just need to remember when to be on defense and when to be on offense. 0-4.

And the Nets. Grizzlies, Pacers and Bulls. I really would love to be optimistic. And you know what? I will. 1-2. I have no idea who they will beat. But, the way this season has been going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1 win this week.


Yeah so like I said, there will be some changes. Some new features are a comin! I would like to thank you all for reading my posts and reading The Sixer Sense material. Sean, Kyle, and I try and bring out the best content we can for our lovely readers. Go Sixers!

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