Your Guide to the New Site

This is what we call FanSided 3.0. If you’ve visited our other sites (and I hope you have), then you may have noticed the major changes. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

New layout – the homepage looks more like a standard website than a typical scroll down blog, as FanSided 2.0 was. More pictures and features give the site a much needed makeover.

Cleaner look – a wider reading area combined with the new graphics make the site look a lot nicer, in my opinion.

The Hub – on the right side of the homepage is The Hub – a source for links, quotes, tweets, and video from Sixers sources all over the place. This is by far the biggest change from the previous format – it provides a go-to place for all things Sixers, without having to commit lead site space to it. For example, under 2.0 as the editor I would have had to add video or tweets in a separate post. I often hesitated doing so, since I wanted the writing to be the focus of the site, and pieces would often get buried. Now, with The Hub, you’ll get all that good stuff, but the focus will still be on the writing.

We should have even more changes later in the week, but for now enjoy the new design.

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