Mar 13, 2012; Orlando, FL, USA; Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh (1) shoots over Orlando Magic power forward Ryan Anderson (33) during the second quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

3 Things to Watch For: Heat-Sixers

1. How well the Turner-Iguodala combo matches up with Wade-LeBron

In the earlier blowouts between these two teams, Doug Collins went with Andre Iguodala defending Dwyane Wade and Evan Turner defending LeBron James when the two were on the court together. I do not approve of that strategy. Iguodala handles bigger offensive players better than speedier ones (for all the versatility, he doesn’t shut down the Derrick Roses of the world, whereas he could guard 4s rather well I believe). Turner, meanwhile, can get pushed around by LeBron in the post more, I would think, than Iguodala. If he keeps Turner and Iguodala defending their positional counterparts, I think the Sixers can match up rather well at those positions, as well as you can against the best two players in the league.

Also, if Sam Young is ready, he can help on either player. He’ll give up quickness to Wade and strength to LeBron, but he stands a better chance than any of our reserves.

2. Can Bosh be stopped?

The Sixers struggle more than most teams in defending Chris Bosh. Elton Brand refuses to cover pretty much anyone more than 10 feet from the rim on a consistent basis, while Thaddeus Young is too small both in height and bulk to really affect Chris Bosh in the post. When he’s hitting shots from the outside, which is easy when the starting power forward will not defend them, Bosh is lethal. The Sixers need Brand to commit to playing Bosh on the perimeter and help defensively when Bosh inevitably blows by Elton. They will have to sacrifice something: I prefer chance offensive rebounds to Joel Anthony over open shots to Bosh.

3. Can Vooch repeat his earlier performance?

Nikola Vucevic was well on his way to a career performance in the first Miami game before suffering an injury, scoring 13 and adding 9 rebounds in under three quarters. He then inexplicably was benched for every meaningful minute of the second game, with Tony Battie stealing his minutes. Now, he’s starting again, as the Sixers have chosen to start Hawes on Saturday against Chicago instead of tonight. He’ll have to play very well – and stay healthy – for the Sixers to have a shot. The Sixers went from contending for a win to battling to not lose by more than 20 once Vooch went down.

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