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Red, White, And Blue Ranking Review

Well today we’re going to shake things up a bit. Just for this week, we won’t look at the latest news and a “Week Review”. Instead, we’ll look at how well each of the teams have played against each other and some predictions on where each team will end up in the regular NBA standings. It’s the final weeks of this long season and I can’t believe that it’s almost over. Each of the 6 teams in this ranking have had some solid weeks (at least one) and I enjoyed following the other teams and have actually rooted them on (except vs Sixers). But I’ll save the sentimentals for the last week of the season. Let’s get a move on!

Red, White, and Blue Battles

So, again, we’ll be looking at the record that the teams have had going against each other. If there is one negative on this, it’s that the Clippers are the only team out in the Western conference and so they will have played the least amount of games against teams in this division. But let’s go ahead and take a look:

Nets vs Wizards: Tied 1-1, one game left

Nets vs Hawks: Hawks win 4-0

Nets vs Clippers: Tied 1-1

Nets vs Sixers: Nets lead 1-0, 3 games left

Nets vs Pistons: Pistons win 2-1

Sixers vs Pistons: Sixers lead 3-0, one game left

Sixers vs Wizards: Sixers win 3-1

Sixers vs Hawks: Sixers win 3-0

Sixers vs Clippers: Clippers win 1-0

Pistons vs Hawks: Tied 1-1, 2 games left

Pistons vs Wizards: Tied 1-1, one game left

Pistons vs Clippers: Clippers win 1-0

Hawks vs Wizards: Hawks win 3-0

Hawks vs Clippers: Clippers lead 1-0, one game left

Wizards vs Clippers: Clippers win 2-0

Now that I have done this, I think I probably should have been keeping track of the games all season long. I thought about doing it but went against it. We’ll see if I do it next season. Here’s the overall record for each team vs teams within our RWB division:

Nets: 4-8   .333

Sixers: 9-3   .750

Pistons 4-7   .364

Hawks: 8-5   .615

Wizards: 3-10   .231

Clippers: 6-1   .857

Now again, Clippers have only played in 7 games while the other teams have played at least 11 games. But, Clippers, Sixers, and Hawks are the top 3 as I figured it would be like that since day one. In the end, I think Clippers will have the highest winning percentage at the end of the season if only because they only have one more game left and it’s vs the Hawks. That’s another “flaw” I had with doing these rankings. It’s harder to see which team is truly the best since Clippers are facing a very different schedule than the other 5 teams would have. And, you can just go ahead and assume that the rankings of the teams are based on their winning percentage in the RWB division.

You could say I have some thinking to do as to whether this feature will return next season.

Season Predictions

I plan on having a post about the rest of the Sixers’ season and what to expect.  My favorite part will be the actual title of the post. I bet you won’t see it coming. And no clues. You’ll just have to wait. Ha. Clippers are 1 game behind Lakers for the Pacific division. Can they win it? Eh…I don’t think so. Right now they are in 4th and are up 1.5 games over 5th place Mavericks. I think Clippers can hang on to being in the top 4. Remember, the winner of the division has automatic place in top 4. Then, it’s best record for the other teams to compete to fill out a 4th team. So Clippers will certainly look to grab that division championship.

For the other 5 teams, it’s a little more complicated. Sixers and Hawks are in the playoff race. Looking at winning percentages, Hawks are the 2nd best in this entire RWB division. Sixers are a game behind them though. Hawks sit in 6th place and Sixers in 7th. Sixers though, could end up in 4th place by the end of the season if they manage to take back their division lead. This is why there are doubters that this ranking system is not fair. Better records could end up with a lower seed. On the other side, you should get a reward for winning your division. As long as there are divisions in this league, this debate will live on.

I’ve said that the Sixers would win their divison. I also have said in a more quiet tone that if Sixers fall from 1st, that I don’t think they would make it back. My later post will go into depth as to why I believe this. For now, I say Sixers will either remain in 7th or perhaps move up to 6th place. That’s it. And so Hawks are only .5 games behind 5th place Pacers. They could get to 5th but can just as easily fall to 7th. Overall, Sixers trail Pacers by 1.5 games. So the 5, 6, and 7th seed may not be decided until the last few games. If Sixers grab division, just replace with Celtics.

Now the Nets, Pistons, and Wizards are done for the season. At this point, it’s all about the balls. And by balls, I mean lottery balls. Calm down people. Pistons lead the “losers” with Nets 1 game behind. Wizards are 6.5 behind Pistons and really are near elimination from playoff contention. The team with the brightest future would probably be the Wizards if only for John Wall. Nets have darkest future. Will Deron stay or go? Will they be able to get Howard? If they were able to somehow pull it off, then Nets become big winners. If not, and Deron leaves, Nets are doomed.

Week Preview: 4/1-4/7

Clippers have 4 games this week. Mavs, Lakers, and Kings twice. If Clips want to win the Pacific, that Lakers game is a must win. Like I said, Clippers are only a game behind. If they are still a game apart when they meet and Clippers win, it would be all tied up but the tie-breaker would go to whoever won that game since they only meet 3 times and this is their third time. Season series is tied at 1. Clippers won by two and lost by 4 vs Mavs. I’ll go with another win. I think maybe a split with Kings and I think lose to Lakers. 2-2.

Sixers have 3 games this week. Heat, Raptors, and Magic. Lose to Heat. Beat Raptors. Hm, that was easy. But the Magic game? Sixers won first meeting and then the Magic found themselves (see what I did there!?) from beyond the arc in the second meeting. Not sure what to expect for round 3. My gut says loss but I’m going for the win. 2-1.

Hawks have an “easy” week. But, this could also be a “trap” week. Bobcats twice and Pistons. On paper, Hawks are the better team. But, the way this season is going, I wouldn’t be suprised to see Pistons shock the Hawks. Sorry Bobcats, but I don’t think you could steal unless Hawks completely fall asleep. I want to say sweep but I’m not sure. You know what? SWEEP! Get your dustpans and brooms folks cuz I’m callin a Hawks sweep!

Speaking of the Pistons, they have the Magic and Wizards before meeting the birds. With the new Wizards team, Pistons may be at disadvantage. Plus, Wizards have been playing better since the trade deadline. So Pistons may get swept. Of course, I never like calling a team to get swept and believe that a win will come from somewhere. One of these teams has to drop a game to Pistons. 1-2

Nets are in for a week. Blazers, Lakers and Wizards. After the Blazers’ deconstruction, I give the Nets the win. Lose to Lakers. Nest play the Blazers in Portland the night before facing Wizards at home. The Nets would end up losing sleep from the whole 3 hour distance as it would sort of be like traveling into the future when Nets come home. But, the game will be the Wizards; 3rd game in 3rd night. They will feel tired. A game between two not good teams that are tired will probably look like a mess. I’ll give the win to the Nets though. 2-1

Oh those Wizards. Like I said, they have a back-back-back this week. But they have two games before that too. Raptors and Bucks. Then they have Pacers, Pistons and Nets. Said they would lose to Nets. Beat Raptors. Bucks…um…they can beat Bucks. Lose to Pacers. I was struggling with the Pistons match-up as you saw earlier. I think I will give the Wizards the win. 3-2? Uh…wow ok 3-2. Wow Dante. Just…wow.

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