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Sixers-Celtics Game 3 Recap: What A Letdown

Coming into Game 3 with all the momentum, the Sixers then decided to remind everyone that they were the 8-seed and shouldn’t even be here. Or at least they felt that way.

So was the story of the 107-91 loss against the Boston Celtics, who smelled blood and took advantage of it by putting the ball through the rim at an alarming rate to almost no resistance on our part. The second half was a sad Sixers story, with Thaddeus Young being the one person trying to save the sinking ship, and he was on one ankle. The lead ballooned to nearly 30 before the dogs were called off by Doc Rivers.

There aren’t too many positives, other than it possibly being the Sixers’ best offensive night. Young getting on track certainly helped that, but I imagine the lack of caring on defense was also a contributing factor. Lazy rotations and random switches for no particular reason were the outlets, but the team just got hit by a metaphorical punch and failed to get up.

The Celtics, meanwhile, caused this by executing flawlessly. Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce all had excellent offensive games, each recording a double-double and looking like the best three players on the court as many thought they were. Garnett was a pest on the other end too – I didn’t see enough Celtics games to judge, but if he actually played this way all season he should have been DPOY.

Anyway, I’d break down each individual player, but I had computer problems last night and decided that, when I actually could write this, I’d give as little effort as our team did today. Young played well. Jodie Meeks and Jrue Holiday played alright. Everyone else could have done much better, though I’ll specifically mention Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner, who combined for 8 points on 18 shots. That’s not a misprint.

Game 4 is Friday night. Hopefully, everyone shows up, because I couldn’t stand to watch the team I saw last night again.

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