Sixers Take Maurice Harkless at 15 in the 2012 NBA Draft

The Philadelphia 76ers selected Maurice Harkless with the 15th pick in the 2012 NBA draft. At first glance, I have absolutely nothing positive to say. If he’s on the roster next season, it’s because Andre Iguodala was traded for a big man. Harkless can’t shoot. 21% from beyond the arc. Twenty-One. I’m trying to justify this move and I can’t. I hate it right now. Maybe I’m willing to see what the Sixers’ plan is for tonight. My impression is that they drafted for a back-up. The needs of this roster are big men and scoring. Harkless is neither. I would love to hear what positives you can draw. I need it. My fanship is at stake.

Tune in for the 45th pick and 54th pick later tonight. How have you liked the picks so far by the teams?

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