Should the NBA Have Ads on Their Jerseys?

Adam Silver says that perhaps the NBA will start having ads on their jerseys by 2013-2014. That’s next season (not the season coming up, but the next season).

Is this a good thing?

I mean, it’s fine with me if it means this:

  • Fans receive a benefit like lower ticket prices or even cheaper League Pass
  • As long as I can buy a jersey without the ads on it, I’m good
  • No commercials

The second one is more wishful thinking though. I’ve never bought a jersey mainly because I’m more team oriented where the jersey is more player oriented. Jersey’s don’t last, the players don’t last. But, the team is always there. So the whole buying a jersey thing isn’t really a big deal.

If I can afford tickets, I would go to each and every single Sixers home game. I honestly would. I want to be a season ticket holder. I really do. Give me the 09-10 season. I don’t care. If the ads on the jerseys mean lower prices for tickets and other game stuff (food stands, merchandise at the game, parking, etc), I think it would be completely fine.

I look at it like NASCAR. It’s not a perfect science. But, they have a lot of ads on their cars. And each ad with each size pays a certain amount of money. Soccer does that too. I don’t have any numbers to tell you if it’s financially beneficial. I’m more concern about appearance I guess. What will the jerseys look like? I support the 76ers, not Pepsi.

No commercials though? I mean, I could do that too. But, again, if the tickets are lowered, I would be with the commercials anyway. Of course, whether you’re home or at the game, the commercials do affect your game watching experience.

My final thought on it is this: It doesn’t really matter. It’s not a big deal for me. It really isn’t. It won’t kill the league. Are they necessary? Nope. Something tells me the next lockout (sorry for my lack of optimism) will have the revenue sharing of the ads involved. We’ll have to see what the NBA’s rules and stuff say about all of that.

It’s just another change in the evolution of the National Basketball Association.

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