May 6, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (24) and center Andrew Bynum (17) go after a loose ball against the Denver Nuggets during the second half of game four in the Western Conference quarterfinals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs at the Pepsi Center. The Lakers won 92-88. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Why Andrew Bynum Should Stay In Philly

It makes sense he would stay. It’s been reported that Bynum was leaning towards sticking around. Let’s look at a few reasons why he should stay.


I’m not a big fan of the whole money thing, but hey if Bynum wants extra cash, he’ll have to stay here. The Bird’s rights he had with the Lakers are transferred over to the Sixers so the Sixers can pay him more money to keep him.


Bynum has complained about not having a big role while with the Lakers. Kobe, and Pau took the most play. It didn’t help that Bynum was dealing with his injuries too. Here is Philly though, he’s the guy. It’s his team. As I mentioned before, I’m hoping Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner can have a breakout season but Bynum would still be the best player on this team. I would expect his numbers to rise like shot attempts and rebounds.

Current Roster:

At this point, because Bynum is in town, Sixers are very close to contending. But, looking at the roster, the Sixers have expiring contracts for this season and next season. Bynum stays and the Sixers grab themselves another star (preferably one that can score big time) and the Sixers are right there. The current roster is young and has room to improve, especially for Holiday and Turner. If he’s willing to wait for a year or two, it would pay off for him in the long run. And again, he’ll be top dog. If he goes to let’s say the Mavericks or Nets, he probably wouldn’t be the top guy (although Dirk is aging).

Close to home:

Ok, so it’s not a big deal but some players do like to play near their birthplace. Bynum is a guy born in New Jersey. North Jersey. Trust me, I live in New Jersey (since birth 21 years ago) and I swear it’s two states. Anyway, Bynum would be close to home if he stayed in Philly. Who knows? It could be an emotional boost for him.

So just a few reasons. And though Bynum has said he is leaning towards staying, I won’t feel better about this until he signs the dotted line. It won’t stop me from enjoying what should be one of the most exciting seasons in Sixers’ recent history.


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