The Sixer Sense Has Reached Social Media Milestone

I’m pleased to announce that The Sixer Sense has reached a social media following milestone with at least 100 followers. The social media sites were Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Now, I know that there are more readers out there than followers but I spent a good month or two aiming to complete this goal: Get at least 100 social media followers by the start of the regular season game for the Sixers. We cut it close but we got there with 104.

The next milestone is to hit 250 by All-Star weekend. I think that’s possible.

I’m the voice behind the tweets, statuses, etc on the web. And so don’t take those comments as a reflection of the staff or FanSided. They’re just me. I picked those 4 social media sites because those are the “share” buttons on the site. You’ll notice at the near top of each post that you can press the “Like”, “Tweet”, “Pin It”, and “G+” buttons. Well, I figure since FanSided is giving you the opportunity to share what you like on those different sites, I should make sure The Sixer Sense is there for you to follow.

I see how many people read this site so I know getting 250 followers is possible by February. Some people are not on social media and that’s fine. I would like to thank the faithful readers of this site as well as the folks who are following us on various social media platforms. If you would like to follow us, just go to the social media page or even the about page on the site to get links.

The season is almost starting. There is a lot to look forward to this season. And this is my first season as editor as I was a staff writer last season. So I’m excited about what this experience will be like. Keep it here for awesome commentary, up to date info, and just celebrating a new era of 76ers basketball!

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