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76ers Set Target Date for Andrew Bynum's Practice Return: December 10th

Well at least we have a timetable but I honestly thought he’d be back sooner. And this is just practice. Will even be playing games yet? Can the Sixers survive for a month? Their schedule, lucky for them, is actually not that bad.

But here’s the link to the story.

But again, we have a date to look forward to now. As long as Bynum isn’t being rushed back, I’m willing to wait. And when Bynum comes back, I would like him to stay healthy for the rest of the season. I’m not ready for an off-season where we’re trying to figure out if we should sign an injured star big long term.

In the link, they do talk about needing 1-4 weeks of “conditioning, training and practice before being able to resume game play with significant minutes”. So that means possibly not seeing him on the court until the last week of 2012, maybe the first week of 2013. Can I wait that long? Welp, don’t really have a choice.

My approach is the same as the beginning of the season. This team was constructed mostly with Bynum not even in the thought process. I’m confident Collins has an idea of how to make this team work. Plus, Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner have been doing a great job of carrying the team. And so I think the Sixers will be okay until Bynum’s return.

The other approach I had was not paying attention to the team record and standings. I wanted to see development from the team. I wanted to see who should stay on the team with so many short contracts. The Sixers are still a playoff team in my eyes without Bynum. But even then, I’m not really looking forward to a playoff run unless I thought the Sixers could win it all. Get the team together and then let’s see what happens. Right now, it’s all ice breaker with this team. Just getting to know each other.

Come 2013, the Sixers will have to get Bynum in rotation and that could possibly cause a setback for Jrue and Evan but it wouldn’t be a regression; it would be because there’s another star on the team that needs the ball.

Let’s hope incorporating Bynum goes smoothly for the roster. Because if we have problems, well…I don’t know.

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