November 21, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Hawks shooting guard Kyle Korver (26) shoots the game winning three over Washington Wizards point guard A.J. Price (12) in overtime at Philips Arena. The Hawks won 101-100 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings: 11/18-11/24

Another week of basketball is in the books. On the court? No, in the books works just fine. Anyway, this was a special week of Thanksgiving as well as server issues. Yes, I’m sure you faithful readers noticed during Wednesday that FanSided wasn’t working too well. Sorry about all of that; we’re just getting ourselves ready for even more readers. So it’s your fault! Nah, I’m kidding. We appreciate all of you readers and it’s our job at FanSided to keep our servers updated and fully functional. Welp, let’s get to the rankings!

Team News

Remember Andrew Bynum? You know, that guy who never played for the Sixers. Well some random doctor thinks that Bynum’s condition is a little more serious than we thought. So serious, that Bynum may not be playing until March or April. That’s without surgery. With surgery, it would be a whole year. Let’s hope that doc isn’t right. This whole thing is a mess.

Meanwhile, the Pistons players are starting to question their coach after another bad start to a season. Tayshuan Prince, the last starter on the team from the 2004 championship team, had this to say:

“Energy ain’t the only thing,” said Prince, noting the poor possessions to begin quarters that plague this team. “That isn’t my decision but we need to figure out some things to do when teams are making runs to get us a good opportunity at the rim or the foul line.” “If I was Coach, I would’ve made a decision sooner than he did,” Prince said. “A 6-0 run, call a timeout. Bam-bam, we come back out, nothing happens, bam (make a substitution). If you gotta make a choice, you have to make a choice. (He) went too long.”

That was in reference to Prince thinking Frank should’ve done something more to stop the Magic’s run which eventually cost the Pistons a game they should’ve won.

Week Review

Hawks: 1 (2)

Week Record: 4-0

Record vs RWB Teams: 2-1

The Hawks swept the week and have the best record in our division (%-wise). So they will sit here for now although my rankings don’t always go by team record. They beat the Magic and Wizards like I thought they would. Then they beat the Bobcats which is kinda how I felt it would go. They beat the Clippers but the Clippers were playing a second game of a back-back while playing their 4th game in a row on the road. While the Clippers were probably tired, a win is a win for the Hawks. Good season so far.

Clippers: 2 (1)

Week Record: 1-3 (I predicted 3-1)

Record vs RWB teams: 1-1

Clippers started out their road trip with a correctly predicted win. However, they lost their next game to the Thunder which was also predicted. Then, they lost to the Nets and Hawks. So 1-3 for the Clippers. Was it because they were tired? Not as good as we thought? (I’ve always assumed the Clippers were overrated). In any case, they didn’t get blown out of any games. They just couldn’t get it done on the road. And that could be a problem down the line. Champions can win on the road.

Sixers: 3 (3)

Week Record: 2-2 (I matched this prediction perfectly!)

Record vs RWB teams: 0-1

I believe this is the first time I’ve done it so far this season but my prediction was dead-on. Sixers beat the Cavs only once this week while beating the Raptors and losing to the Thunder in OT. They’ll continue to float around .500 for me until Bynum comes back. Or I guess comes as he hasn’t been here a first time. Sadly, I wish I was actually wrong. Sixers beat the Cavs without Kyrie Irving. In my opinion, the Cavs are definately a bad team without Irving so I was hoping the Sixers would pull out a win. Sadly, the injury to Irving didn’t stop the Cavs from avenging the earlier loss.

Pistons: 4 (4)

Week Record: 2-1 (I predicted 2-1 )

Record vs RWB teams: 1-0

Pistons fulfilled my prediction but only by record. I thought they would beat the Magic and lose to the Celtics. I was wrong. Dead wrong. I wonder if the Pistons play to their opponent’s level of play. Celtics, despite their record, are a formidable team. Meanwhile, Magic are not as good. Yet, Pistons showed up for the game vs the Celtics while once again losing to the Magic. Oh yeah, they also beat the Raptors…by one point…

Wizards: 5 (5)

Week Record: 0-3 (I predicted 1-2)

Record vs RWB teams: 0-1

This was a rough week for Wizards fans. So close, yet so far. Two overtime games this week. After losing by only 7 points vs the Pacers, the Wizards lost by 1 point in OT vs the Hawks and then lost in double-OT vs the Bobcats by two. Wizards keep trying to get that first win. Nene is back on the court so that win will definitely be easier to get when he comes back. I hope. He played in the OT games so I’m thinking the Wizards are gonna get something next week. Still, you can’t help but feel a little bad about the team’s situation.

Week Preview: 11/25-12/1

We’ve reached the end of November. Let’s see if the teams can end this month on a high note…

Hawks only have two games this week and I would expect a win out of both of them. Cavaliers and Bobcats. Yup, reasonable expectation. 2-0.

Clippers return home after getting beat up on the road. And they have a nice group of folks coming in. 3 games, all home. Here are their opponents: Hornets, Timberwolves, and Kings. But wait, there’s more! All 3 opponents are at the bottom of their division. 5th place. Isn’t that something? I think Clippers should go 3-0. I’m being bold here but something tells me there is a loss on the horizon…

Sixers have 4 games this week. Suns, Mavericks, Bobcats, and Bulls. I see Sixers winning all four games but they won’t. Beat the Suns and Bobcats but lose to the Mavs and Bulls. Mavs are missing Dirk Nowitzski so I guess the Sixers could win but I’m not feeling it. Meanwhile, the Sixers visit the Bulls in a playoff rematch that may be potentially awkward. If Elton Brand does play, he’ll make his return to Philly with the Mavericks.

Pistons have a week. 5 games. Yeah, things could get ugly. Knicks, Blazers, Suns, Grizzlies, and Mavericks. Immediately I see a loss to the Knicks and Grizzlies. I see a win over the Suns. I’m shaking on the Blazers and Mavs game because those games are on the second night of a back-back. So while I think they can beat the Blazers but lose to the Mavs, it could be two losses. You know what? Ima be bold again. Pistons go 2-3 this week.

For the past two weeks I’ve seen the Wizards grab that first win of the season. And they keep letting me down. Well guess what folks? I’m still calling the win. This week only has 3 games in store and the middle game is where it’s at. Spurs, Blazers, and Knicks. Yes, if the Wizards win at least one game this week, it’s verses the Blazers. 1-2. Let’s get it on!

Another week of ranking. Down and out. November’s been a tough month for me so I’m looking forward to December, even if folks think the world’s gonna end.


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