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Reaction to Bynum's Injury Part 2: The Off-Season

Earlier, we talked about how the Sixers made the right choice in trading for Bynum. It made Sixer basketball sense. But now, we look into the future. With Bynum out for what will probably the whole season, should the Sixers sign him during the off-season? Or should they let him walk? Welp, let’s look at the rewards and risks of keeping Bynum.

Reward of keeping Bynum:

  • Having Bynum on this team means the Sixers have a chance at a championship. Yes, I’m assuming his injury isn’t career ending.

Risk of keeping Bynum:

  • If Sixers do sign him to a max deal, and Bynum doesn’t play much, then the Sixers are stuck with him. They used their amnesty clause on Elton Brand.

Okay well what about letting Bynum walk? If the Sixers let him walk, they could be saving themselves a bad contract experience. But, if Bynum is still able to play basketball, you just gave up the second best Center in the league. For nothing.

So again, should the Sixers re-sign Bynum? My answer is yes if the injury isn’t career threatening. I mean, if Bynum’s career was truly done and the NBA agrees, then the Sixers would be excused from his contract and Bynum would have a retirement for medical reasons and stuff like that. So then where’s the risk of bringing back Bynum?

It’s in the amount of games he plays. Bynum could play 10 games per season. If the NBA doctors feel Bynum’s injury is not career ending, then he’s getting paid to sit down and be injured. That would be the worst. He wouldn’t be living up to his contract and the Sixers wouldn’t be able to do much as their money would be tied up into an unmovable asset.

Even in that risk, I think the Sixers should bring him back. I also think that the Sixers should sit him for the season. Do all the little drills and whatever to keep him in moderate shape. I would also like the Sixers to avoid the max deal if they can. Bring him on a small contract in terms of length. 3 years seems fair. First year is trying to incorporate him to the team and get him in game shape. By the end of that season, quite a bit of money is available for the Sixers to use to refill the roster and to gear it up for a run for the title.

Yeah you read that right. Championship.

Like I said when they first got Bynum, I figured the team would be a few years away from contending.

What if Bynum’s knee issues are from him playing too soon? Lakers have been on the hunt for a championship for just about his whole career. They’ve probably rushed Bynum a bit since he was a very valued part of their championship equation and perhaps his knee never 100% healed.

So Sixers should wait for Bynum to be truly ready. Ignore the pressure of winning a few games now because it can hurt long-term. I have patience. I know folks that can hang on and wait for Bynum. It’s not ideal but if that meant Bynum would miss less than 15 games and the Sixers can contend for not just one year, but for 3 and 4 and more years, then I’ll take it. The worst thing you can do is rush him back this season just to see what he’s worth.

But yeah I say Sixers should hold on to Bynum. I’m willing to bet that most, if not all of the NBA teams in the same situation would hold on to him too.

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