November 14, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; A cheerleader for the Philadelphia 76ers performs during the game against the Detroit Pistons during the second half at Wells Fargo Center. The Pistons defeated the 76ers 94-76. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A Fan Roundtable

So I was talking to the staff about this idea and I think it can work. I wanted to do a roundtable…for the fans. You. The readers. You. The Sixer Sensors.

So what do we do? Well, I, along with the staff, will be asking a set of questions to you during the week. All you have to do is answer them. You can tweet, comment on Facebook, comment here, or how ever you want to get us the answers; just get them to us. Then, we’ll publish the results on the site.

We want to hear from you. All season you’ve listened to us but now it’s time to turn the tables. You become the writer; even if it’s just a few sentences. You don’t have to answer each question. And not all the questions asked will be in the results post; just the top 6 questions that are answered the most.

So, what are the questions? Well, I have a few here you can start answering. If/when the rest of the staff submits questions, I’ll add them here. Now, when do you answer them? Well, March 15th, next Friday, is your due date. Again, tweet, comment, whatever to submit the answers. We’ll also need your name (just first if you want). If you’re on Twitter, please give your username as well and you could end up with a few more followers.

So, are you excited? I know I am! So here are the questions at the moment:

  • Have any idea who you would like to see the Sixers draft?
  • Should the Sixers keep Bynum?
  • In relation to the previous question, would you sign Bynum or go after Greg Oden?
  • Will Doug Collins be around next season?
  • Yes, this season is a bust, but, how optimistic are you of next season, if at all optimistic?
  • Looking at the roster, who would you be willing to keep beyond their current contract status? (basically, who would you keep on the team)

Okay Sensors, you have the instructions. So channel your inner Sixer Sense and get to answering! Let me know of any questions and have fun!

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  • John Adair

    Sixers obviously need a big. Don’t think Zeller will be on the board so I’d say Kelly Olynyk from Gonzaga or Miles Plumlee from Duke if they’re on the board. DiLeo has said Bynum is their Plan A, but doesn’t seem to have a Plan B. I offer Bynum a contract, but no more than three years at less than max salary. After this season, I’d rather see the Sixers take a chance on Oden. He’s only 24, and although Bynum is only 25, Oden’s presence is more on the defensive end and on the glass. He says he has been healthy and has been working out back in Columbus while taking classes back at Ohio State. Remember, he was taken before Kevin Durant almost unquestionably. The dude’s good. Although I have been a Doug Collins supporter, it pains me to say they should let him go at season’s end. Collins has been a positive for the Sixers in his tenure and has drastically improved the team’s defense. He has mismanaged numerous young talented players, such as Nik Vucevic, and more recently, Moultrie. As devastating as this season has been, I don’t see much improvement being made next year. If the right moves are made, they may just slip into the playoffs, but this roster has its issues. A historically weak draft class, and a thin free agent class doesn’t give me reason to be optimistic. Everyone with an expiring contract needs to go, unless Bynum signs for some insanely cheap number. Blow up the roster and start from scratch. Turner needs to be moved this offseason while he still has value and his contract is still very movable, going into the final season of his rookie contract.