A New Era for The Sixer Sense

I have been informed that my time as editor of The Sixer Sense is at an end. I would like to first say that these are not my final words. I still intend on being a staff writer here. So, this isn’t goodbye.

A history lesson for those of you that have only seen me as editor. Sean O’Connor was the previous editor here and did a great job of transforming this site from a ghost town, to one of the leaders of Sixers blogs. In time, he, along with I and a couple of other staff writers, made this site a cool place. But, Sean had to step down and he recommended me to take his spot.

I felt I wasn’t qualified. But I still said yes.

I figured, I could hold things down until someone more qualified stepped up. And I did some nice things for the site. I reconnected the former writers with the new writers. I made up several pages with all kinds of Sixers content like following people on Twitter. I made it easier to follow with multiple social media sites. I did little tweaks that I know will help the site in the long run. But, it wasn’t enough.

Again, I knew that I wasn’t the best guy for the job. And while we have a large staff here, I couldn’t push the staff hard enough to make this site special. And so, staffers, if you’re reading this, I apologize. I didn’t quite organize the posts the way I should have. I didn’t really make the posts look professional. I was slacking. When you look at the Sixers’ season, can you blame me?

I won’t lie, this is a relief for me. The pressure is off. I can go back to what I’m good at: being a role player. This is just personal. I’m not a star. I am a leader when I need to be though. But yes, I am more comfortable in the background. I’m an usher at church. I’ve been lighting director for my church’s Christmas cantata for 3 years straight  I live to be in the background. So, this isn’t hard for me. Yes, I am a little sad. Sad that I didn’t do as good of a job that I thought I could.

I want to end this on a high note. For one, the new editor is already a staff writer here. I will let that person introduce themself as editor in time. While I didn’t get a chance to pick my replacement, I really think this next editor will take this site to a new era. A better place than where I could’ve taken it. I really think that this site can be the best, I just knew I probably wouldn’t be able to get it there. But, I hope a foundation has been laid.

I want to thank FanSided for this great opportunity  To be an editor of a sports site that is partnered with Sports Illustrated? Yeah, it was great. And like I said, I’m going back to my original role as a staff writer.

I want to thank you, the readers, for your support. And I know you’ll give the new person a lot of love too.

It’s a new era brewing for this site. I’m excited. And you should be too.

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