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Sixers Round Table Day #6: To Offer or to Not Offer Bynum a Contract, That is the Question

The sixth question of our series of ten asks one of the most intriguing questions of the off-season; if you were the Sixers’ organization, would you even consider offering Andrew Bynum any sort of contract after what has happened in the last nine months?

Bynum’s move to Philly was supposed to put the Sixers right in the thick of the Eastern Conference Championship race. Instead, he failed to step foot on the Wells Fargo Center court during a single game this season and is now an unrestricted free agent, meaning he can go anywhere he wants.

With all of that said, here’s some opinions on what the Sixers should do.

“That depends entirely on the team and the money. Bynum is worth max-level money when healthy, but that “when healthy” is such a rarity these days. If you’re signing Bynum to be your franchise savior, it might not work out so well. But if the money is reasonable (read: the vast majority of it is unguaranteed or incentivized) and he isn’t making or breaking your season, it’s worth a gamble.”

- Sean Highkin, USA TODAY Sports NBA Writer Sean Highkin

“I think the Sixers will offer Bynum a contract. I think he will decline and move on.”

- Chuck Bausman, Sports Editor of Philly Daily News

“If you’re the Sixers you basically have to within reason. The team gave up Andre Iguodala, Nikola Vucevic and Maurice Harkless to secure the rights to Bynum, who was entering a contract year. The risk Philly took by giving up that type of talent was on two fronts… his injury history and his contract situation.”

- Lang Greene, NBA Writer – HOOPSWORLD

” I would give Bynum a deal, but it would have to include an injury exception/provision like that of Brandon Roy’s contract with the Timberwolves that allows the team to terminate the deal after one year should the player have a reoccurring injury. That said, I don’t think Philadelphia will be the team to offer that contract for the reasons outlined in the last answer.”

– Robby Kalland, SB Nation

“I wouldn’t bother to offer Bynum a deal, regardless of the circumstances. He’s a 25 year old with bad knees, and those knees aren’t going to get better over time. The Sixers simply can’t afford to tie up any salary cap space in someone who they can’t reasonably count on going forward.”

- Roy Burton, SB Nation

“Though I think he’ll be gone from Philadelphia, I would still offer him a deal. When he’s on the floor, this guy is so good on both ends of the floor (if he’s engaged, of course). The problem is that I don’t think Bynum would even consider the offer that I would give Bynum. I would probably offer him something in the realm of a two-year, $20-$24 million with a team-optionfor the second year. This deal would give the Sixers a chance to get out of the deal if he causes problems again next season and would be a relatively fair price considering his history. Based solely on his basketball abilities, that’s not near enough money for Bynum. But with all of the other stuff that comes with him, I don’t think it’s justifiable to give him a max-deal.”

- Cody Williams, Rant Sports

“No, I would not offer Andrew Bynum a contract.  The Sixers need to be rebuilt around the young core of players I mentioned earlier.  It’s time to move in a different direction.”

- Matt Buesing, Fire and Ice Radio

“No.  This trade failed miserably.  While I stand behind the organizations attempt to make a splash, they ended up with egg splattered on their face.  Cut ties and walk away.  Rebuild this team around Jrue and Thad.  The Sixers will have plenty of money to spend this offseason.  We can only hope they spend that money wisely.”

- Greg Duca, Fire and Ice Radio

“Bynum would never take the deal I would make him. It would be full of incentives. Maybe 8 million if he plays a full season. No second year option right now.”

- Average Bro, Sports Pro & Average Bro

“I wouldn’t offer him a contract, but I would offer him my very healthy knees if it meant he would play for the Sixers and bring us home a title.”

- Sports Pro, Sports Pro & Average Bro

“I wouldn’t offer him anything. I don’t want to ever see him as a Sixer.”

- Danny Solis, The Sixer Sense

“I would offer him something he would probably reject: 3 year deal worth…ugh…$25 million. Yeah, terrible. But I just can’t take the risk of maxing him especially since he may not even care for this team.”

- Dante Nelson, The Sixer Sense

“The only contract I would offer Bynum would be at a huge discount. I’m not an expert on NBA contracts, but anything more than 50% of the max should be off-limits to the Sixers at this point (barring the aforementioned conspiracy theory). There was way too much pain watching him ride the pine (often not even on the pine at all) all season long to even risk putting Sixers fans through that again. And like I said before, there are too many other teams out there trying to make a splash to allow the Sixers the possibility of getting such a discount.”

- E.J. Aguado, The Sixer Sense

“I would be okay if they gave him a one to two year deal but I am not breaking the bank for him. More than two years is too much of a risk for a franchise that was already burned by him. A team like Charlotte will offer him a max deal that I want no part of.”

- Scott Boutcher, The Sixer Sense

“If it was my choice, I think you have to at least offer Bynum a contract. He has proven his abilities and the effect he can have on a franchise when healthy. Due to my concerns with his knees, I only offer Bynum a two year deal that does not financially strap the franchise. But as I said, I believe Bynum receives a better offer elsewhere and signs with another franchise.”

- Steve Garlatti, The Sixer Sense

“$20,000,000 for two years wiith a team option for the second year. Still money and Bynum has already collected quite a bundle for how little he has played over the years. He also has two championship rings. But if the Sixers offer him that, he’ll walk. He is all about the money and being close to home doesn’t mean a damn thing to him. Money talks.”

- Spencer Layman, The Sixer Sense

 Well, there you have it. There is much to talk about when it comes to the current Andrew Bynum situation and the state of the Sixers’ franchise.
Stay tuned for tomorrow, Day #7, to go over some potential free agents that the Sixers should seriously consider. Until then, thanks for reading!


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