Dec. 28, 2011; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard/forward Evan Turner during game against the Phoenix Suns at the US Airways Center. The 76ers defeated the Suns 103-83. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Could Hinkie Deal Turner?

Since the Philadelphia 76ers are entering “tank mode” next season there are thoughts that the team could look to move gurard Evan Turner.  Turner, a former second overall pick has been quite underwhelming in his brief three year stint.  He has averaged 10.1 points per game in his inconsistent career.  He has certainty let the fans down, and failed to live up to his hype.  However, he has teased Philly by showing flashes of a dominant scorer.  Last season he went on a tear and had people really thinking that this was the Turner that we had all imagined.  Eventually, his run came to an end and we saw the ordinary Turner.  No doubt he has tons of upside and potential but could Sam Hinkie look to shed his salary in mist of an all out tank next season?

The team is clearly looking to build for the future so why not just let Turner develop?  Sure he hasn’t been as good as we had hoped but he is still only 24.  Turner showed flashes of a great NBA player last season and showed that he can be a legitimate threat to score.  The Sixers will be desperate for scoring, so moving Turner would leave them without anyone who can score the basketball easily.  A major benefit to Evan Turner this year is the departure of Jrue Holiday.  Turner now becomes the main ball handler and the first option to score from the backcourt.  This could truly be a make or break year for Turner as the teams patience could soon run out.

On the other side of the argument there has been reports that Sixers could look to deal Evan Turner.  Moving him would only mean more draft picks in a tremendously deep draft, and more young talent to build around.  Also, this would free up more money for the team, and put them in better position to land a top free agent in the future.  Hinkie has been quiet, but affective in his time so far in Philadelphia so who knows what could be next.

Ultimately the Sixers should look to hold onto Evan Turner and give him one more chance to prove he was worth taking 2nd overall.  He has all the talent in the world, and can be a big time scorer in the league, but he has to put it all together.  The team is in for a rough season and will look to get scoring in any way possible, so Turner can really thrive.  Hinkie would be smart to not trade him and let Turner prove that he his worth a contract extension.  Everything is aligned for Evan Turner to have a breakout season, and be the leading scorer on the team.

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  • Lee Washington

    MCW is the primary ball handler now which makes ET the primary scorer.
    If only he could learn to score in ways that fit his skillset,, I.E> not shooting jumpers from the circle.

  • Rhett Bogan

    I think that if Turner brings back that pouting that he does he could become a cancer in the locker room and a bad influence on the young players coming in. I say keep a close eye one him when the season starts and if the messed up attitude continues, Send him packing. I’m sure that The Sixers tried to trade him before they traded Jrue.

  • Ed Charles

    One can only hope! He NEVER should have been drafted 2nd. I’d have taken Cousins and brought someone like Ewing in to mentor him. At least Cousins produces

  • weTalkinBoutpractice!

    “The Sixers will be desperate for scoring, so moving Turner would leave them without anyone who can score the basketball easily.” Since when does Turner score the basketball easily?

  • duvyp

    If the Sixers are really looking to rebuild then they need to get rid of Turner whose promise is only more flops and a poor attitude. What an example for the rooks. If you think he has any value and/or promise maybe some other team will think so too. Goodbye Turner! _Mr. scorer!

  • Tommy McCabe Jr

    “Turner now becomes the main ball handler and the first option to score from the backcourt.” If this is true then why the hell did they draft MCW??? A lil work on his jumper and I would think this becomes MCWs role not ETs. Ship him for another pick next year.

    • Jayson Ellin

      MCW is a pass first PG. He may have not shown it in summer league, but his job is going to be to distribute.

      • Tommy McCabe Jr

        I was going for the “main ball handler” part of that for ET. I agree with ya on the pass first part that’s why I like MCW. Aside from his abysmal shooting he showed his PG abilities in summer league play. Get those TOs in check and hes a mainstay in Philly at PG. I just don’t get the authors assertion that ball handling now goes to ET. The team drafted MCW to be the floor general, which ET already showed he couldn’t handle while Holiday was here. Time to get gone ET.

  • Jemain Pressley

    I think everyone is missing the point. That is for the 3yrs Turner has played for the 76ers he gotten better. The more playing time he gets the better he gets. The real problem was Doug Collins. Doug Collins had screwed up Turner and a lot of the young players on this team because he can’t coach young player only vets. And soon a young player make a mistake he put them in his dog house. Case in point look what he had did to Nick V. Said he was soft and look lost out there on the court. Now look what he and Mo Harkness is doing for the Magics.

  • Brent Green

    Evan Turner stinks and anybody watching sixers games with open eyes can see that. How can Turner get more minutes and shots up every year but somehow Doug Collins is to blame for his inconsistencies? People are dillusional and have invested emotionally in this guy from draft day and are in denial of his bust status. Not only can he not ball because he is slow and not athletic but he can’t shoot and his demeanor is terrible on the court. He will never be respected enough to be a leader and in all likely hood will be out of the nba after his next contract if he last that long.

  • Charles Ryan

    You keep him. It’s a perfect scenario. In the worst bit he plays inconsistent and it helps you stink and get a pick and then you let him walk. Better scenario he plays well (I.E. 18/7/5; 45%/33%/76%) but still not good enough NOT to be a bottom 5 team, you either can decide to move forward with him on a reasonable contract or let him walk but make a sign and trade deal for more assets. And you still get a top 5 pick plus the Pelicans pick.

  • thatninjab

    The Sixers will keep ET, let him score 24 points a game and probably trade him before all star break when championship teams are looking for a solid sixth man.