Oct 11, 2013; Newark, DE, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard Michael Carter-Williams (1) during the first quarter against the Boston Celtics at Bob Carpenter Sports Convocation Center. The Sixers defeated the Celtics 97-85. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Player Profile: Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams, or MCW, is one of the rookies the Sixers have. He’s a point guard who is 6’6″. Hey, I was a little skeptical of a tall PG but, after seeing him play this summer and preseason, I guess I need to shut up.

Anyway, So what if he’s not a known shooter? Your PG doesn’t have to be the top scorer. He’s got to distribute the ball for others to score. What do they call that…oh yes, facilitate. Run the offense. He’s got a tall order.

What I’m expecting to see for MCW is a lot of boo-boos. He’s a rookie PG who is running a bad team. There’s nobody really there to mentor him on the roster as a fellow PG (which I really think is important for growth). And, even if he makes a good pass for somebody to score, you can’t help but think of him feeding the ball to Spencer down low and watching Hawes fumble, get blocked, or miss a layup (when he should’ve dunked).

Still, areas that MCW can improve are his defense and shooting. This preseason, he’s been decent from 3 point range. This whole roster has to grow, but, seeing as MCW is potentially a core member of a possible contender, his growth is a little more magnified and exciting. It reminds me of watching Jrue Holiday during his rookie year.

MCW has a body that can hold off little guys. However, I noticed he gets caught in screens a bit and if a guard is too quick, he’s in trouble. Still, I’m wondering if, during the season, he takes advantage of his size. Let’s see some post up moves and stuff. He improves his shot, and he can be a real wild card.

So yeah, this season, it’s a feel it out thing for MCW. Since most people are on board to seeing the Sixers lose (at least, most people I know), there probably won’t be much grief over any mistakes and growing pains.

I can see the kid average double digit points with four or five assists for the season.

So, what do you think? Let me hear ya in the comments!

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