Sep 27, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel (4) and point guard Michael Carter-Williams (1) during a media day photo shoot at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixer Sense Round Table: Which Sixer Are You Looking Forward To Watching The Most This Season?

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Dante Nelson:

I always look forward to watching young and new players. Since this team is so young, singling out one guy isn’t easy for me. I guess I would like to watch Michael Carter-Williams the most. So far this preseason, he’s been knocking down some 3’s, so I’m curious to see if the scouting report of him not being able to shoot is spot on or not. During the summer he could’ve worked on it too. Also, I, and I guess the franchise, view him as a key part of the rebuilding process and possible championship core so it’ll be important for him to grow into a star or at least budding star in a few years.


Drew Corrigan:

Michael Carter-Williams. Since he’s the point guard of this team for the future, it’s important to watch his development and growth especially under the coaching of Brett Brown. He had a rough time at summer league, but there’s a reason he was the No. 11 draft pick. The Sixers obviously saw something they liked in him to replace Jrue Holiday and I’m thoroughly excited to see what he can do this season.

Kyle Neubeck:

Nerlens Noel, for his hairstyle and his basketball talents, is the player I look forward to watching most by a country mile. Noel himself excites me as a prospect, but my total disdain for the play of Spencer Hawes and the wreck the Sixers have lined up at center in recent years is also a major factor. It has been way too long since Philadelphia had a big man who made an impact that wasn’t at a buffet table or a bowling alley. Noel is going to change that. Unfortunately, we all have to wait patiently until he’s 100% healthy, but The Big Flattop should be worth it.

Curt Jenkins: 

Vander Blue and Tony Wroten. As well as MCW and Nerlens Noel. This core is very young, very raw and most of all very talented. Noel at first will be mostly on defense and will gain most of his points on out backs and fouls. MCW is going to grow fast in this offense. He must develop a jumper but has plenty of length to drive to the basket and will have plenty of athletic wing players to dish the rock to.

Richard Infantino Jr: 

James Anderson. He is the only natural two-guard on the roster. In the long term, he might only be a fourth guard on a championship-caliber team, but for this season the spacing his shooting creates might be the only thing that makes this offense watchable.

Spencer Layman: 

Michael Carter-Williams. Been a favorite of mine since his days at Syracuse. He’s special but does come with flaws, just like ever player that enters this league. His creativity, length and intensity intrigues me. I think he will struggle some this year; his assists numbers will be low from lack of shooters and trying to force passes. His turnovers will probably be high because of the fast paced offense they are trying to install. I’m not so worried about him defensively as I am offensively. He will struggle to score but that’s not exactly what the Sixers need him to do. All in all, he should have a pretty good year. He will have days where we all love him and those days that will make us say “ugh.”

Emily Gruver:

I’m really looking forward to watching Michael Carter-Williams this season and if he is able to live up to the high expectations. So far, I have been impressed from what I have seen in the preseason, so hopefully he can be a reliable point guard for the future for the Sixers.

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