Nov 29, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard Evan Turner (12) shoots a jump shot under pressure from New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday (11) during the second quarter at the Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

TSS Round Table: Should Evan Turner Get Traded?

Evan Turner trade rumors are heating up here in Philadelphia, so The Sixer Sense staff gave their thoughts on whether or not Turner should get traded.

Drew Corrigan: Yes, yes and yes. I don’t understand how someone could argue that Turner should stay here. He’s in the last year of his contract and he’s already acknowledged that he isn’t a “Hinkie” guy and pretty much doesn’t expect to be here next year. If the Sixers were to re-sign him after the season for some reason, he would command around $10 million a year, which is entirely too much for a mediocre player. You can’t pay Turner $10 million and expect this team to contend for a championship in a few years. Besides that, if you don’t trade him and let him walk, it’s kind of a waste. It’s accepted knowledge that he won’t be here next year, so why don’t we get something for him? What do we want for him? I’m not sure entirely, some picks and young prospect would be nice. I’m not going to sit here and imagine up a billion of different trades, because that’s useless. I’m not sure if he can command a first-round pick, but any sort of combination of picks and young prospects would be nice. I just hope he gets traded soon, because the Sixers won’t resign him and it’s useless to let him walk for free after the season. Plus, trading away Turner might give this team a few more losses, which is what needs to happen to have success in the future.

Mike Sturgis: Before the season I was all about getting Evan Turner out of here as soon as possible, but now that he’s actually playing some good basketball I say keep him for at least another year or two, especially with the prospects coming out in the 2014 NBA draft and Nerlens Noel coming back next season. I like this new duo of him and Michael Carter-Williams. Turner is back to playing Ohio State ball, being aggressive, taking smarter shots and letting the game come to him, instead of forcing it. Brent Brown is letting Evan do Evan, unlike Doug Collins who seemed to be to controlling especially over E.T. and it shows in his stats. He could even be put in the early season conversion for Most Improved Player. My answer to trading Evan Turner is no.

Spencer Layman: I think Evan Turner SHOULD get traded. I’ve always been a fan of ET and have always defended him but I think it’s time for him to go. Mostly because I want this season to end in a top 6 draft pick and Evan could hinder that. I would love a mid-round pick for him but not sure there are many teams that could offer that. There aren’t many teams that own their own picks that could potentially trade for Evan. Teams that come to mind are Dallas and Oklahoma City, I think those two teams are the only ones that could offer a 2014 pick (I could be wrong). Regardless, Evan needs to be traded. If not for a first rounder this year, maybe a future 1st rounder (next years’ draft is pretty solid as well.) As far as players go, I’m a big fan of: Jamaal Franklin from the Grizzlies, Ricky Ledo from the Mavs, Ray McCallum from the Kings, Iman Shumpert from the Knicks, Reggie Bullock from the Clippers and Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Bucks. However, I don’t really see a situation where Evan gets traded for one of those guys. To make a trade like that happen, a third team would have to get involved probably or the Sixers would have to take back other contracts. Hinkie has laid out this elaborate plan in front of us to rebuild and I’ve totally bought into it. The next step is to strip down the players that were not “Hinkie” players and try to acquire picks or young assets that won’t necessarily cause this team to win too many games this year. And I hate saying that, but the Sixers need all the help they need to lose games to solidify a top selection in next years draft.

Kyle Neubeck: Evan Turner has to get traded. In fact, he will get traded. It’s just a matter of when. The most obvious reason for trading him is his contract situation. He’s a free agent after this season, odds are he’s going to expect a raise. The way the new collective bargaining agreement is structured, teams that swing and miss on contracts are behind the proverbial eight ball. Although a lot of people focused on how Hinkie brought in young players in the offseason, there’s another element in play: they’re all on cheap contracts. They’re positioned with maximum flexibility for two reasons. A) It allows them to absorb money in trades. B) They have the space to sign a big money guy if the opportunity presents itself. I want no parts of Evan Turner clogging up their flexibility. I’ve defended the guy since he was drafted, but his time is up. We all think Hawes is getting traded, correct? Don’t underrate his impact on Evan’s success. By dragging his defender out to the three-point line, he’s opening up the paint for Turner, who is having a career best year at the rim as a result. As far as returns, Hinkie allegedly got offered a late first-round pick for Turner in the summer and turned it down, so I’m thinking the most likely scenario is a young player + pick in return. Cleveland and OKC are two teams that have shown interest, so let’s work with those possibilities. If they can get something like Jeremy Lamb + 1st round pick + Perkins for cap purposes, I’d be thrilled. If it’s Cleveland, word has it they are willing to deal Waiters, but I can’t see them surrendering a pick unless it’s heavily protected. You’d have to roll the dice on one of their iffy draft picks from the last few years (Waiters, Bennett, Thompson) and I’m not sure that’s the best option. I’d prefer Bennett and/or Thompson, and whatever draft pick they can squeeze out of Cleveland. I’ll leave the details to the GM. I think it’s fairly obvious that Turner is out the door, though.

Richard Infantino Jr.: Evan Turner should absolutely be traded. Despite his strong start, he will be an overpaid restricted free agent this summer, and he doesn’t fit into the Sixers long-term plans. How do I know he’s going to be overpaid? His qualifying offer is over $8 million dollars and that’s just the right to match any inevitable offer. Restricted free agents are almost always fairly valued, if not overpaid, unless they at superstars. Forgetting the financials for a minute, removing Turner from the locker room and replacing him with a veteran and am asset could have important locker room implications. Turner is the deaf to leader of this team. Thad young is quiet and Hawes is well…Hawes. Turner also whines to the refs after every single drive to the basket, and some of the young guards have followed his lead. Part of the reason the Sixers transition defense is so bad is that everyone now stops and argues with the ref instead of getting back on D. A lot of the rumors I hear floating around haven’t made a lot of sense to me yet. Sure the Thunder, Cavs, and even Bulls could use him, but they all have salary cap situations that make Turner purely a rental. Very few teams are willing to give up 1st rounders for rentals. I also don’t think any pick has to be for the 2014 draft. Remember the Sixers owe the Heat a future first rounder and to stagger affordable rookie contracts, a future first might have more value. The most likely trade part is a fringe playoff teaming looking for a boost with the ability to sign Turner long term. One such team? The Mavericks. Cuban won’t bat an eye at a Turner extension and the Sixers could receive 1st round SG Rickey Ledo, a future 1st, and salary filler (Brandan Wright works, Shawn Merrion, or even a poo-poo platter of smaller deals).

Curt Jenkins: Evan Turner should not be traded. If you trade Evan Turner you are left with almost no experience on the court. “Tanking” doesn’t solidify anything. Look back since 2000 how many teams that have the worst record have actually been rewarded with the number one pick? I don’t see how people believe in un-proven talent. College and pro basketball are two different leagues. Hasheem Thabeet, Micheal Beasley, Greg Oden, Derrick Williams. They all suck and have some sort of issue with them. Quite frankly I believe Wiggins is overrated. I believe Julius Randle is the best freshman in college basketball, followed by Jabari Parker. It kills me how people have said since 2010 that Evan Turner is horrible. Now he has some solid play and looks consistent but now everybody wants to deal out.

Dante Nelson: Well, before the season started, I figured you hold onto Turner. I thought he’d be bad enough and seriously contribute to the tank. Then, he had this nice start to the season and then I wondered if his value to rise up enough to be traded. I would say if he’s going to regress into last season’s Turner, you hold onto to him. If he continues to threaten the tank, let him go. Of course, Turner is in his last year. Are the Sixers prepared for Turner’s most likely demand for more money than he might be worth? Sixers should trade him unless they see him as part of the eventual championship core. If you draft Wiggins, or another wing player, is there room for Turner? Is he going to take a bench role? Probably not. I keep going back and forth here because I don’t quite know how good he is and I think is trade is conditional by too many factors. If I had to make a decision today, I would…uh…trade him off. In all honesty, Hinkie has really been trying to clean house. He was set on getting rid of Turner during the draft as well as Hawes. At the end of the day, I am leaning towards this season being Turner’s last here. Whether Sixers get something or not remains to be seen. If you do trade him, I’m guessing the Sixers will be looking for another project and a future pick. I wish I could think of some trades for example but I got nothing. Well, I have one, but it’s pretty bad and highly unlikely. Mentioning it would devalue my status as an educated fan.

Mike Catalino: I think that Evan Turner should be traded. He has been good this year, but it is time to move on. His good play this year should help the Sixers get a better deal. They should try and trade ET for a future first round pick since they will not be able to resign him. If the team does not trade him by the deadline, he will walk and the Sixers will get nothing back in return. Teams that we could work a deal with could be Dallas, OKC, or Cleveland. OKC, and Dallas would likely offer future picks, but a trade with Cleveland could bring in some young talent. I really like the idea of getting Dion Waiters. He could be a nice player to pair with MCW in the backcourt. Ultimately, ET will get traded, it’s just a matter of when.

Emily Gruver: I think that Evan Turner should not be traded. I’m really impressed with Turner’s improvement this season and he has stepped up his game another level. He is taking smarter shots and learning his role in this offense. I feel as though Turner feels more comfortable playing for this Sixers team now this season. I think Turner is a good piece to build around for the future, especially alongside Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel. If he continues to develop and improve, this season, he is going to be an important and key piece moving forward. Although his trade value is very high right now, I just don’t see the Sixers getting anyone useful in return.

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