TSS Christmas Roundtable: Future Sixers?


What Future Sixers Jersey Would You Want Under Your Christmas Tree?

Drew Corrigan

There are so many people I want in the 2014 NBA Draft. I wish Hinkie would just trade this whole team away for first-round picks. From the known names to the little known names, the talent is just undeniable. If I had to pick a future Sixers jersey to open up on Christmas, it would be Dante Exum without a doubt.  I’m torn between Exum and Embiid, but Exum wins for me. Nerlens Noel is the X-factor in my decision. Even though a Noel/Embiid front court would be scary, just imagine the damage that MCW and Exum can do next to each other. Man, forget a jersey. Just give me those ping pong balls under my tree!

Emily Gruver

I would love to see a Jabari Parker Sixers jersey under my tree. Parker is a complete beast, averaging 22.1 PPG and 7.8 RPG this season. He has so much talent and an incredible amount of potential. The Sixers really need a forward, especially someone who can grab boards. Parker brings a ton to the table and has a very bright future ahead.

Spencer Layman

The jersey I would most look forward to under my Christmas tree is a LeBron James Sixers jersey. Can you imagine a core of MCW/LeBron/Noel? I shed a tear just thinking about it.

Curt Jenkins

It would be awesome to have a Jabari Parker jersey and a Dante Exum jersey! Parker is a top pick and Exum could be a steal in the 10-14 spot. Merry Christmas and Go Sixers!!

Kyle Neubeck

Anything other than a Wiggins jersey will leave me disappointed. Sure, a Parker, Randle, or even an Embiid jersey would be a nice consolation prize, but Andrew Wiggins is my guy. It’s hard not to get swept up by his tremendous athleticism and ability to guard four positions. Everyone is falling in love with the “sexier” numbers of Jabari Parker, and the more NBA-ready body of Julius Randle, but Andrew Wiggins is like that crush that you just see a world of potential in. Sure, he may not be jumping off the page at you early in his freshman season at Kansas, but he’s being held back by an overbearing parent – er, coach – that needs to let him spread his wings and fly. I have dreams of alley-oops dancing in my head.

Dante Nelson

What I am about to say is going to sound a little cheesy. I would like to see Dante Exum because we have the same name. That’s about it. I know. He would be only the second Dante (by spelling) to play in the league, if my research is done correctly. I’m already a Dante Cunningham fan. So yeah, go Dante because I guess I’m full of myself. Ha! Oh, and I guess he’d be useful on the court too.

What Future Sixers Jersey Do You Want To See Under Your Christmas Tree?

Merry Christmas From The Sixer Sense Staff!


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