Jan 1, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry (7) and center Jonas Valanciunas (17) and power forward Amir Johnson (15) react to a play during the fourth quarter of a game at the Air Canada Centre. Toronto won the game 95-82. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

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Of course we have to check on the New York Knicks (for the record, I check EVERY TEAM). This time, we have a quote from a former teammate of Carmelo Anthony. This player, who kept his mask on, says Anthony is probably on his way out of NY. The Knicks simply are not cutting it in terms of gathering the talent needed to win. Knicks are in a tight spot. Trading for anybody would mean gutting the roster, if they can even pull that off. Will anybody want to join him 2015? We already heard about Rajon Rondo but, right now, all talk. We’ll see. One team Anthony has recently been linked to is the Chicago Bulls.

People want Kyle Lowry. Who? Celtics, Knicks, Lakers, Timberwolves, Nets, and Warriors. Yeah. And Raptors are open to trading him off, even with this good season they’ve been having, especially after the Rudy Gay trade. Something makes me think they want to tank, I mean why wouldn’t they? As sad as it is, there’s no reason for them to make the playoffs.

Steve Nash could be waived by the Lakers, according to Steve Nash. And…he’s probably right.

Andrew Bynum’s time as a Cavalier is coming to an end soon. There’s rumors of teams interested in trading with the Cavs to get the big guy. Those teams are the Lakers, Celtics, Hawks, Bulls and Grizzlies. Jazz have been involved, with rumors saying they offered Richard Jefferson, but the Jazz actually shot that down. Apparently, by Monday, the Cavs will look to make the move. If not, then it’s expected by Tuesday that Bynum will be waived. Also, this could be the last season for the big guy. Apparently, the reasoning for him being suspended from the team is his lack of desire to play the game. Not to mention those knees. He also is rumored to be messing around with a coach’s wife so…yeah there’s that. I doubt any team will want Bynum.

Nuggets want Andre Miller, for now. While the Nuggets were facing the Sixers, there was some commotion on the Nuggets bench and Miller had to be restrained. I as well as other Sixers fans theorized either there was confrontation between Miller and another player or the coach. It was coach.  Anyway, after that altercation, it was rumored Miller would be traded. But, Nuggets are holding on for now. The altercation was because Miller received his first healthy DNP-CD of his very length career, something I’m sure he’s been keeping track of.

Magic and Raptors talking a Terrence Ross-Arron Afflalo swap? Perhaps.

The Kings would love to get their hands on Klay Thompson.

Roster Moves:

Knicks let go of the younger brother of J.R. Smith, Chris, to make room for signing Jeremy Tyler.

Magic release Hedo Turkoglu.

Injury Report:

John Henson of the Bucks is out for two weeks with an ankle injury. Bucks have really had problems this year in the area of injury. Poor shame.

Al Horford is out for the season.

Chris Paul has a separated shoulder and is expected to be out 3-5 weeks. That’s a blow for the Clippers.

Xavier Henry, a few days ago, went out with a bruised knee.

Another Laker, Jordan Farmar, is out for four weeks with a torn hamstring.

Front Office:

The Warriors’ ownership is interested in buying the Los Angeles Sparks from the WNBA and of course moving them closer to where the Warriors play. The Sparks’ owner gave up control of the team. Man, I wish the WNBA would come to Philly. I know.

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  • thewrathofkhan

    “Something makes me think they want to tank, I mean why wouldn’t they? As sad as it is, there’s no reason for them to make the playoffs.”

    Try looking at it from another perspective. What benefit is there to missing the playoffs? A quick glance at the standings will clearly show what even the most pro-tank Raptors fans have admitted – that there is very little possibility of getting a high pick in this draft. There are EIGHTEEN TEAMS with worse records than the Raptors right now. Leapfrogging all those teams to actually qualify for a meaningful pick in the draft seems only slightly more likely than winning a championship this year.

    You don’t tank to get the 13th, 14th pick in the draft. And that is realistically where a “tank” would get us now. Conversely, we have a real chance to get to the second round for the first time since 2001. We’re gonna throw that away for a 14th pick? Give it up. The tank is nothing more than smouldering fiery wreckage.

    • http://dc50healthandfitness.blogspot.com/ Drew Corrigan

      I think it’s a big premature to think it’s not possible to get a high pick in this draft. We aren’t even at the All-star break yet. Regardless, I do agree with you. The Raptors have too much talent to go ahead with an all out “tank” and I’m not sure if they will be trading someone.

      Will the Raptors be in the finals? No. So why make the playoffs?

      I feel as if this is the questions people ask now-a-days, as if getting to the playoffs isn’t an accomplishment by itself. I know when the Sixers made it to the second round in 2012, it was an amazing feeling, especially for a franchise that hadn’t been there since Allen Iverson was in uniform.