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TSS Round Table: Sixers Draft, Prospects, Trade Rumors + More

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Time for another TSS round table brought to you by our lovely writers, the following will be the questions being answered:

At the halfway point of the season, are the Sixers where you think they would be?

Emily Gruver: Yes, but I never would’ve thought that they would have so many game-winners and overtime games throughout the season so far.

Drew Corrigan: Definitely, they are as bad as we thought they would be. Admittedly, they have surprised us at times. However, in the big picture, they’ve been horrible. Which is awesome.

Dante Nelson: Yes, although the blowouts are starting to wear on me more than I thought they would. But yes, I expected things to turn out this way for the most part.

Curt Jenkins: The Sixers are exactly where I saw them in the in off-season. I predicted the Sixers would be 15-22 on the season.

John Adair: Honestly, they’re in a better place than I thought prior to the season. Despite the lackluster record, there have been times that their up-tempo, attacking offense has shown flashes of promise. The Sixers rank among the best in the NBA in terms of points in the paint. While a major part of that is their inability to space the floor with shooters, it is still a good recipe for success. Michael Carter-Williams has been better than anyone could have expected, and guys like Tony Wroten and Hollis Thompson have been more effective than most would have predicted.

Mike Sturgis: The Sixers are right where I thought they would be — if not a little better. Despite their record and the amount of blow-out games they have suffered, they honestly play hard and try to be competitive instead of just laying over and playing dead, like “tanking” teams would do.

Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes; do you envision any of them being here past the February 20th trade deadline?

Emily Gruver: I think Evan Turner will get traded but Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes will stay with the Sixers.

Drew Corrigan: The only one I want here is Thaddeus Young. If Evan Turner isn’t traded, I’m never talking about the NBA again. Spencer Hawes is meh to me. If they can package him and get something decent, then whatever. I wouldn’t mind shipping ET and Hawes for chump change at this point, just get them out of here.
Dante Nelson: I would imagine that Turner and Hawes would be gone. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were still around since Hinkie could try some draft night magic. But yeah, I would think those two guys are gone by the deadline. Any two of the three of them really.
Curt Jenkins: I honestly do not know the answer. It really is based in if it’s a three team trade or not. Hawes will just be an accessory to Thad and/or Evan. A late first-round pick would be great for Turner.
John Adair: I believe Thaddeus Young will still be a Sixer after this year’s trade deadline but doesn’t figure into the team’s future plans. In regards to Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner, both may very well be wearing a different uniform by February 20th. There have been reports that Hinkie has tried to package the two together, but with the organization’s emphasis on young assets, the salaries of Philadelphia’s veterans limit the trade possibilities.
Mike Sturgis: I believe that Spencer Hawes and Thaddeus Young will remain Sixers. But, Evan Turner will get traded based off the thought of who the Sixers want in the 2014 draft.

Favorite prospect in college that you want the Sixers to take a shot at in the draft?

Emily Gruver: Jabari Parker.

Drew Corrigan: I’m going to stay away from the top of the draft here and focus more on the Sixers second lottery pick. I’m thinking they look for a shooting guard at that point, subjectively of course. I’m really a fan of James Young out of Kentucky and Rodney Hood from Duke. James Young is a stud and has carried the Kentucky team at times. Wayne Selden is there also. If the Sixers picked either of those three, I would be a happy man.

Dante Nelson: The corny answer is Dante Exum because, and I’m being real here — we have the same name. I do like his game, even though it’s similar to MCW is a few ways. But, he’s not really in “college”. Logically, the Sixers need a wing. An SF would be ideal so I guess go ahead and get Jabari Parker. My opinion doesn’t mean so much because I haven’t been following college b-ball much this time around.

Curt Jenkins: I would love the Sixers to take Jabari Parker. With the the pick from the Pelicans pick I think Exum from Australia.

John Adair: Since the question referred to “taking a shot” on someone in this summer’s draft,  I ruled out Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Joel Embiid of the college ranks. With that said, it’s easier to focus in on who the Sixers will use the Pelicans’ pick on. With it likely to fall in the 9-12 range, there are a lot more unknowns in terms of prospects than there will be with their first selection. However, if they are going to go out on a limb and take a risk on someone, I wouldn’t mind seeing Zach LaVine of UCLA in a Sixers uniform next season. LaVine possesses impressive length for even an NBA wing along with explosive athleticism, a sweet shooting stroke, and solid passing instincts. LaVine has jumped up everyone’s draft boards during his freshman season with the Bruins. His upside is as high as anyway wing prospect in this year’s draft outside of Parker and Wiggins.

Mike Sturgis: I am going out on a limb with this answer, but I would not mind the Sixers taking a shot on the outstanding forward from Creighton Univerity Doug McDermott. I like McDermott, not just because he’s another great Creighton shooter — the kid has game. He can stretch the floor for the Sixers with his impressive range and shooting touch. He can do it all — attack the basket, stop and pop for a mid-range jumper and he can shoot your eyes out from beyond-the-arc. Just ask the Villanova Wildcats, im pretty sure they still have nightmares about it.

If the Sixers get the No. 1 overall pick, who do they take and why?

Emily Gruver: Either Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. The Sixers need a forward who is capable of scoring and filling the stat sheet on a consistent basis.

Drew Corrigan: It has to be Andrew Wiggins, just has to be. Joel Embiid isn’t a fit at ALL, no matter how much we are all in love with him. Jabari Parker is obviously a hot choice, but in the long term, I like Wiggins. He’s so raw right now, but you can see his potential to be great.

Dante Nelson: Yeah, Jabari Parker because, sort of like answer to number three, they need wing help. I like a trio of MCW, Noel, and SF/SG plus other possible lottery pick.

Curt Jenkins: If the Sixers win the lottery they must draft Andrew Wiggins. He has a raw game but you can’t teach athleticism or length.

John Adair: I don’t expect the Sixers to end up with the first overall selection come June, but if they do, I would like to see them use it on Jabari Parker. Much had been made of the ups and downs after the historical start to his freshman season, but too much attention is paid to what these young players can’t do as opposed to focusing on what they can do. Parker has as unique of a skill set as anyone in the NBA and has already drawn comparisons Carmelo Anthony. A core of Carter-Williams at the point, Nerlens Noel in the paint, and Jabari Parker supplying the scoring from the front court would go a long way toward the rebuild of the stories Sixers franchise.

Mike Sturgis: If Parker decides to stay in school which I think all athletes should do, than you take Wiggins, but if he decides to leave then you take Parker. Their stats are almost identical. The difference between the two is that Parker is a more consistent player and Wiggins is more streaky, since he is so raw. It’ll be a very difficult decision if the Sixers were to get the No. 1 pick, but it’s a great position to be in.

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