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8 Tips to Help Prepare for the NBA Draft Lottery

If you’re like me, Tuesday can’t come fast enough. I caught myself freaking out over the possibility that the Sixers end up out of the top-three altogether.

Sweet Jesus, no.

We’ve come too far now. 26 losses in a row? For nothing? Nah.

Anyway, some people are praying. Other people are wearing their lucky socks. I’m here to offer you ideas to prepare for the NBA draft lottery coming up Tuesday night.

The Sixers are doing their part trying to find that lucky fan. But, the rest of us fans can do some things.

1. Wear every piece of Sixers gear you have.

Not everybody is able to do this. If you have any Sixers gear: jerseys, hats, shoes, sex toys (never know on Craigslist), socks, shirts and more, wear it. Layer up. Considering how it’s been warm lately, have a couple of bottles of water on hand so you don’t pass out and die. I have a few shirts, a hat or two, and a few mugs. I will be drinking out of nothing but these mugs while wearing my jacket. My winter jacket. God help me.

2. Pray

Speaking of God, you can always pray. I mentioned a long time ago on this site about how the Sixers’ clutch problems came from not dealing with Swisher, the basketball god, appropriately. We’d better get right with Swisher if we want a chance.

3. BAMBI MOVIE SPOILER: Watch Bambi and…sort of expect Bambi’s mom to get shot.

Now look, when I first saw Bambi, I was destroyed by that scene with him and his mom running away from the gunman. In this case, the Bucks have a better chance of getting that top pick. Maybe…just maybe…if we visualize the Bucks as Bambi’s mom we can slip right past. I’m just saying. Only the strong will freakin’ survive, baby! Time to go huntin’.

4. Put on the lucky stuff.

Ah, sometimes you can’t beat the classics. Get the socks, shoes, silly hat, and whatever else ya got.

5. Perform those rituals.

In the same classical spirit, do whatever you do before and during an event. Touch your nose, bark like a dog, smack yo mom (it ain’t Mother’s Day anymore), and whatever else you do. Be you.

6. Follow the staff here at The Sixer Sense.

What better way to up the vibe than to follow some of the biggest Sixers fans I know. And go further: Find more Sixers fans on social media (TSS staff spends most of their time on Twitter). We must connect our positive vibes.

7. 180 it.

It could be risky, but maybe just do the opposite of what we’ve talked about. Maybe root against the Sixers. Reverse psychology on luck? Um…welp, I guess anything’s possible.

8. Nothing

That’s right. You could simply do nothing. Change nothing about how you’ve lived your life. Let it happen.

In any event, that half an hour on Tuesday is gonna be killer. I’m gonna be shaking and sweating and sick. All of this, coming down to this one moment.

Are ya ready?

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