Jan 25, 2014; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jabari Parker (1) shoots between Florida State Seminoles guard Devon Bookert (1) and forward Jarquez Smith (5) at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft Rumors: Would the 76ers Trade Jabari Parker?

Ah, Bill Simmons. What a fall from grace he has undergone, especially in the minds of the Sixers faithful. The man killed the Sixers all season for tanking, but cheered like hell for his Celtics to get one of the top picks. He’s gone crazy.

In his weekly mailbag, Simmons is at it again. Funny, because this week he posed all of the questions in his mailbag, making him even more crazy..

Simmons made some predictions for the draft and this was one of them tries:

Prediction No. 1: Utah tries like hell to trade up for Jabari Parker.

I’m almost positive that Jabari is the first Mormon who can be described like this: “A little bit of Paul Pierce and a little Carmelo offensively, only if they were more fun to play with, and they were trapped in Rudy Gay’s body if Rudy needed to go gluten-free and hire a personal trainer.” Hey, Sam Hinkie, you love collecting assets like Leo DiCaprio collects models. And you’re not crazy about taking Jabari, anyway — what if Utah flipped you no. 5 for no. 3 and no. 23 and threw in Alec Burks plus a first-round pick-swap in any of the next three years? Would that do it? Any interest? Any?

Uhm, no. No, Bill Simmons. NO.

Listen, if Jabari Parker is available at No. 3, bet like hell that he’s making his way to Philadelphia, no matter how bad Utah wants him. Everyone is aware that the “superstar” category in this years draft class ends after the No. 3 pick. So, the Sixers are going to trade one of these “superstars” for the No. 5 pick, which is most likely Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, or Noah Vonleh. No way that Dante Exum gets past the Magic at No. 4. If Exum was going to be there at No. 5, I wouldn’t mind this trade. However, he’s not going to be.

Plus, Hinkie can’t keep swapping picks forever. I mean, eventually in this whole rebuild, he has to field a competent team. He can’t just keep stacking picks until the Earth’s core freezes over. Also, who the hell said that Hinkie wasn’t high on Parker? I’m 100 percent confident that no one knows exactly what Hinkie thinks about any of these prospects. Of course, I’m sure he might value Wiggins more than Parker, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t high on him.

There’s such a big difference in No. 3 and No. 5 that this is just a laughable trade situation. Simmons added in ALEC BURKS. Are you kidding me? The man had a nice season, but really? The only player that would pique my interest would be Derrick Favors and I’m still not sure I’d pull the trigger with that scenario. The 23rd pick doesn’t do much for me in this draft either.

Both teams aren’t going to be exactly great the next three years, so I’m not sure if the first-round pick swap does much. If the Jazz land Parker, then they will be on the rise up way fast than the Sixers. Meaning, the Sixers would be almost guarenteed to have a better pick in the draft, unless something insane like the Cleveland Cavaliers happens again.

This trade proposal just seems like the another way for Simmons to try and screw the Sixers again. Someone has to ban this man from writing about the Sixers.

Would you trade the No. 3 pick for No. 5, No. 23, Alec Burks, and first-round swaps for the next three seasons?

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  • Zeru

    Before we even knew who Embiid and Wiggins were Parker was the premier player and consensus number 1 pick this year. So giving him up for unknown picks and players would be kind of stupid. I agree with your assessment that the top 3 players have superstar potential while the rest of the draft is kind of allstar potential. No I dont do that trade unless Exum is going to be there and he wont get past the Magic at all. I agree with you.

    • Platinum68

      Except for one thing – you are kinda clueless.

      Don’t get me wrong. I am clueless too. For instance, I didn’t know that Paul George woud be the best player in his Draft class. Did you? Did you know that the #11 pick last year would be the best rookie in the league and one with huge upside going forward? If not – then what does it really matter what you think of the players below the “consensus top 3″???

  • David Ras

    Well unless they are big on Exum (which I am) and can pull a deal off with the Magic or know they won’t take him then obviously, no way. I really like Exum and think he might be the best player in this draft. Remember, the Sixer’s have had their eye on this guy more then anyone else. If they’re big on him I wouldn’t be surprised or even mind a trade scenario that gets them something in return for a pick they were going to make anyway.

  • Llaarryy

    I guess it depends on one’s belief. If you believe that Parker will be an average No. 3 pick, then clearly the analytics would support stockpiling the young assets. On the other hand, if you believe that Parker will be more like the best No. 3 pick of all time, MJ, then of course you wouldn’t make that trade.

    To me, Parker’s somewhere in the middle, so Hinkie would have to think long and hard about such an offer. My heart says take Parker, my head says stockpile assets.

    • carviny

      they always say to follow your heart. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing about and watching Jabari since grammar school and all through 4 state championships in high school. He has been a winner at every level, the exception being his time at Duke where he had a decent season but not the team. The things he’s missing in his game can be added with solid coaching.