Apr 16, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio (9) and forward Kevin Love (42) at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft Rumors: Would the 76ers Trade for Kevin Love?

Oh, the lull period between the lottery and the draft on June 27th sure provides some interesting — or insane — theories. First, Bill Simmons wants the Sixers to give up the No. 3 pick for a bag of skittles. Now, the disgruntled Kevin Love is the next theory to populate my computer screen.

This theory comes from Grantland’s Zach Lowe, who says (via NJ.com):

• Expect the Sixers to make the same Love call, armed with two top-10 picks, potentially all their future first-rounders, and two interesting young guys in Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel. But they just don’t have the same stockpile, especially since they view both MCW and Noel as cornerstones. Thaddeus Young is a good player, but he’s almost 26 and due nearly $20 million combined over the next two seasons. I’m not sure he really moves the needle for Minnesota.

But Sam Hinkie will call. “He will be very active,” said Scott O’Neil, the Sixers CEO. “He’s an unbelievable deal-maker.”

• Philly took the slide back to no. 3 in stride. “I guess part of you wants the no. 1 pick, just to have the option,” O’Neil said. “But having two lottery picks, plus Nerlens coming back to join the Rookie of the Year — I’ll take that every day and twice on Sunday.”

Lowe is referring to Cleveland making a call about Love in the first bullet point, which he discussed right before he brings up the Sixers.

So, what the hell could the Sixers put together to strangle Love from his depressive state in Minnesota? ESPN’s Zach Harper packaged Thaddeus Young, Jason Richardson (lol), the No. 3 and No. 10 picks in the draft. Below is his reasoning:

The Wolves get a young asset, cap relief and two lottery picks in this draft in exchange for Love and getting rid of Martin’s deal. It sounds like the Sixers are giving up a lot here, but they have assets to spare. You’re teaming Love with a defensive-minded center in Nerlens Noel and a pass-first point guard in Michael Carter-Williams. Plus, the Sixers still have room to add another major player.

Wow. This is actually a trade scenario I would consider, unlike Bill Simmons from earlier. It all depends on where you value Love as a player. If Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins falls to the No. 3 slot, some fans might not want to do this deal. I don’t think I would want to do this deal if that was the case. Apparently, Joel Embiid has looked stunning in workouts, which could make the reality of Wiggins or Parker falling into the Sixers laps that much more of a reality.

If that’s the case, I’m not pulling the trigger on the Kevin Love deal. The Philadelphia faithful have been anticipating this draft so much and while Kevin Love would be an amazing addition, it wouldn’t feel right giving up both of those picks. Thanks, but no thanks.

Would you give up Thaddeus Young, Jason Richardson, and the No. 3 and No. 10 picks in the draft for Kevin Love?

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  • Zeru

    I wouldnt even do that trade on a video game just playing around. The Sixers should keep their 1st round picks and look to move into the first round again with a package of second rounders and Thad Young.

  • Casey

    No I wouldn’t and I agree with the guy on the bottom. We need to have trust in this draft. And this particular rumor would have thousands of Sixers native fans upset. Kevin Love is a fantastic player, but I rather see the Sixers draft players that grow with the franchise. It would be more fun to watch, just how OKC did with Durant, WestBrooke, and Harden for a while. Love needs to go to a team like Boston, Chicago, or Golden State, yes boston isn’t in contention, their rebuilding, but it would bring them back to the Playoffs next year. Love will not be thrilled to be part of a Sixers team that is in a rebuilding mode. Is it possible we can sign a big three? Of course, but Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, and Andrew Wiggins are not to be missed out on!

  • Jay Kelly

    This is absurd. Maybe if we got screwed as hard as possible for the picks we have but that is SO much for a 1 way player. I love Kevin Love but not that much. I would be able to package perhaps Thaddeus, No.10 pick, our best 2nd round pick, and a lightly protected 2018 first round pick.

    • Casey

      I agree with you on this, Kevin Love is a great player but he’s not worth two first round picks. I could see that scenario happening, but I doubt Wolves would do that. That would be bittersweet if we did Love for that deal.

  • David Ras

    Excuse my French but I think No Fucking Way is the only way to get my point across. Obviously the person who wrote this article or is “theorizing” these scenarios don’t follow the 76ers. They need to miss the playoffs next year to get their first round draft choice back and the most important factor is the salary they’d be taking on with Kevin Love. By the time this team comes around he’ll be all washed up and so will our chances of building a dynasty. Sometimes I think these are NY and Chicago writers who are just trying to ruin good building blocks from a Philadelphia based team.

  • Llaarryy

    Love is awesome but that’s way too expensive for a short term rental. Now if he got dumped his GF for a Philly girl, that would add some intrigue.

    Bottom line, unless he’s on the hook for the long term, why trade any assets at all? If he’s going to sign long term in Philly, he could do it as a FA.