TSS Roundtable: NBA Draft Lottery Reactions + Predictions

 Believe it or not, the NBA Lottery has come and gone. The Sixers have their picks and the drama starts, or continues. The wonderful staff here at The Sixer Sense took part in some questions I posed to them via e-mail. It”s very intriguing stuff and if you’re this far in already, you mine as well just keep reading!
1) The Sixers landed the No. 3 and No. 10 picks in the 2014 NBA Draft. What was your initial reaction and has that changed the day after?
Adam Booth: The Draft lottery is broken. Fact. I’m not really that mad about getting the third pick since I still feel anyone in the top five will help this team. But there is no reason Cleveland should have that pick. 1.7 percent chance of making it and they land it over two teams who had HORRID seasons just for this moment. I felt the fix would be in if the Lakers or Celtics got a top pick. I know its in now with Cleveland.

That being said this worked out really well for the franchise. You may miss out on Wiggins but the players available will be fantastic and game changers. You also have some room to package that 10th pick with a Thad Young and move up. I like it a lot. The 76ers are a better team than they were yesterday afternoon.

Spencer Layman: I was completely fine with the Sixers getting the third pick. I know we’ll hear the talking heads over at ESPN or other media outlets talking about how tanking doesn’t work because we didn’t get the first pick. Don’t mind them, the third pick is terrific to have. However, I was legitimately pissed when the Cavs got the number one overall. Dan Gilbert doesn’t deserve shit and for those thinking LeBron will go back to Cleveland, stop thinking that. Look at the comments Gilbert made about LeBron when he was traded to Miami.

“You simply don’t deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal. I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the self-titled former ‘King’ wins one. You can take it to the bank. I can tell you that this shameful display of selfishness and betrayal by one of our very own has shifted our “motivation” to previously unknown and previously never experienced levels. Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there. The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south. And until he does “right” by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma. Just watch.” –Dan Gilbert (lolz)

You think LeBron will go back to an owner that says that about him? Fuggedaboutit.

Curt Jenkins: My initial reaction is still how the heck the Cavs got the top pick….AGAIN! In all seriousness as long as we got into the top three I was happy.
Dante Nelson: The initial reaction was that the tank was a success. Folks wanted the top pick, but I was happy with top three. And I’m glad to have the Pelicans’ pick as well. A day later, it was more of the same. I’m excited. It begins now.
2) After enduring a 63 loss season, is the No. 3 pick enough?
Adam Booth: It should be the second pick. But I don’t know what more we could of asked for. The Lottery gave us a faint chance at Wiggins, otherwise this team deserved the number two pick.  To get the third is slightly disappointing but it could have been a lot worse. After a season like that, this is adequate .
Spencer Layman: The number 3 pick is fine. I mean, we would all prefer the number 1 pick but three in this draft is fine. It’s a good thing the Sixers picked this year to rebuild because it’s not every year you get a draft like this.
Curt Jenkins: After a 63 loss season I think it’s as good as it could get seeing as how nothing is a guarantee in a lottery format but it’s good enough. Granted it is not the number one spot but it will due. Not to mention we are fortunate to a have the tenth pick as well. Like Doc said “No Need to be greedy about it”
Dante Nelson: Yes. If we had the worst record in the league, then I might say no.
3) Who do you think falls to No. 3 and lands in Philly at the draft on June 27th?
Adam Booth: Jabari Parker. Cleveland may see Embiid and pull the trigger. It fills a void better than anyone else in the top 5 for the Cavs. After that, Wiggins easily goes to Mallory Edens and Milwaukee leaving the 76ers with Jabari Parker. If that’s the case, the 76ers did what they needed to do to make this team better and we didn’t even use the 10th pick yet.
Spencer Layman: In my heart, Andrew Wiggins somehow falls to the Sixers to fulfill his destiny of becoming a Philadelphia 76er. I want to convince myself that the Cavs won’t pass up on a center again and will take Embiid first overall and that the Buck will take Jabari Parker because they want an automatic scorer and someone who can contribute right away. With that said, I don’t think that happens. I think the Sixers end up with Embiid or Exum. Which, like.. is ok. It’s just now Wiggy (insert sad face emoji).
Curt Jenkins: I think Andrew Wiggins will fall honestly. Yes he has freakish athleticism and great scoring ability but his game is very raw and has some nights where he disappears on the court. His game needs time to develop and the Sixers have nothing but time because like coach Brett Brown said , a full quality rebuild will take 3-5 years
Dante Nelson: I think Jabari Parker falls here.
4) Over/Under on the amount of trades Hinkie is going to complete on draft night?
Adam Booth: Three trades. First involving the 10th pick, which I feel the Sixers will trade up with. The second will involve moving up possibly to grab one more first rounder late, using some of those second picks for bait. Finally the last trade will be trade for a free agent with an expiring deal for picks in subsequent drafts. The man shall be busy.
Spencer Layman: I think Hinkie is going to make a minimum of 3 trades on draft night. I think Thad Young is for sure (maybe) gone. I also think he will not stand pat in the second round.
Curt Jenkins: I see Hinkie completing at least two trades during the draft. Some may come after but we will just have to see who is drafted where
Dante Nelson: I would imagine those second round picks will be on the move. I still feel like Thad’s getting traded (possibly to move up from the 10th spot). So that’s…eh…three trades right there. So, if I had to give a number, I’d go under five.
5) If you had to pick between Dante Exum or Joel Embiid at the No. 3 slot, who do you take and why?
Adam Booth: Do I have to? Fine.  Embiid. I really don’t like the idea of having two projects at the 4 and 5 positions. Between Embiid’s back and Noel’s knees, have Oden and Sam Bowie on the same team. Ew. But this team doesn’t need a point guard, obviously. A much as I love Exum, and trust me I do, Michael Carter-Williams exists and there is no need to replace him. Honestly I’d use the pick on Randle or Vonleh… but I have been called crazy before.
Spencer Layman: Ughhhh. Exum. No, Embiid. Definitely Exum. But then again.. Embiid. Can I haz both? Okay… fine, I choose you Exumchu. He’s pushing to go to a team where he can be the main point. However, last year I talked about how Jrue/MCW could work as a backcourt tandem (obviously, that wasn’t Hinkie’s plan) but could work with MCW/Exum. MCW has pretty good slashing skills and could potentially work off ball; same essentially goes for Exum. 
Curt Jenkins: I would take Exum only because of our current head coach. Brett Brown has Australian roots and knows the most about this kid. If Parker and Wiggins are not available than I guess he is the best option. Only possible problem is that he has stated he wants to play point guard in the NBA and the Sixers have Carter-Williams playing that position. Is Exum willing to be a two guard?
Dante Nelson: Now see, I’m a huge Exum fan (that’s why I run a blog dedicated to covering athletes with the name Dante). I would actually love having Dante on the Sixers for several reasons. Excluding the personal reasons, I happen to think that Dante could work with MCW. I just think so. Many people may not think so, but since Brett Brown has coached him before, I trust that if the Sixers do go after him, they have a plan.

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