TSS Mailbag Volume One: NBA Draft Questions + More

Hi everyone! With the lottery over and the NBA Draft on the horizon, I rightfully assumed that our faithful viewers had a ton of questions to ask about the draft. I decided to open up a mailbag to answer all of these questions! I would love to start a weekly mailbag, but I need our readers to submit questions in order to have one! With that being said, feel free to leave questions below in the commentsor on twitter. The Sixer Sense twitter is @SixerSense and my personal account is @Dcorrigan50.

Enough talking, let’s get to the questions.

Is there a chance? Without a doubt. The draft position of the top three players is going to be vehemently argued until draft night occurs. I’m convinced that no one will know for sure who’s going No. 1 and No. 2 until the names are read, which is more fun. Having a consensus No. 1 overall pick is cool, but it really takes a lot of the fun out of the draft.  Anyways, back to the topic.

Parker is one of the most NBA ready prospects and he can score in bunches, which is something Milwaukee desperately needs. What’s the percentage? Hmmm.. I’d go 40 percent. If Wiggins or Embiid are there, I envision them going before Parker at this juncture. However, Parker could even go No. 1. It’s such a mess at this point, but a fun mess!

I’m assuming this is with the No. 3 pick. I’m not taking Vonleh that high. The guys over at Draft Express aren’t that high on him, which isn’t an end all, but it means something. If it’s between Embiid and Parker, I’m vying for Parker. Embiid is an amazing talent, but we have Noel and who really knows how that would workout. We need as close to a sure thing that is possible and that’s Parker. He’s going to come in and drop something along the lines of 15 and 8 nightly. 

Ah, this is a tough question. Embiid has the chance to be a once in a generation talent. He’s only been playing the game four years and he looks like he’s been playing for fourteen years. In a few years, he could be one of the best. I just have such a hard time with the fit with Nerlens Noel. No one’s paying him any mind at this point, but I really believe in him. Remember how excited everyone was at the thought of him playing a single game. Also, I’m not sure you would get proper value for him, I’m not even sure what you would get for him.

It obviously depends on the package, but he has such an opportunity to be great. I’d keep him and see what happens with Noel. If this guy becomes the next Hakeem, then it will be something this franchise will never regret. I’d rather have a failed experiment between Embiid and Noel then him going somewhere else and becoming a great center.

It’s not ideal. Neither have much of a jumper and at this point, Embiid may have more of a jumper than Noel. Embiid is certainly not moving to the four, he’s just not. Brett Brown said many times during the season that Noel was a center and wouldn’t be moving to power forward under any circumstances. I believe him. I’m not sure if you bring one off the bench, or what. I guess you could throw both of them out there and see what happens, but it’s not ideal. Neither of them will ever be a four and are more suited as centers. 

Can he? Yes. He played two guard at the Nike Hoops Summit that was on ESPN last year and dropped 16 points. I think he prefers to play point guard, but he can play the two guard. It would be more of a two point guard lineup than Exum playing shooting guard. Something that was used in Phoenix and Orlando this season, which had some success. In his draft combine interview, he said he was open to playing with two point guards, so it’s more of a possibility than getting Embiid/Noel to play power forward.

Yes, to a degree. He doesn’t have much of a wingspan and people are concerned he won’t be able to bully people in the post like he did in high school and college. Noah Vonleh seems to be garnering some hype, but Randle is still a great prospect. Vonleh has more potential, which can either pan out or not. Randle, on the other hand, is going to come in and give you 18 and 8. His ceiling might not be that much higher, but that’s pretty damn good. He may not have the huge upside, but he’s a solid player that’s going to turn into a very good pro.

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