Mar 5, 2014; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks center Joel Embiid (center) celebrates after the game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Allen Fieldhouse. Kansas won the game 82-57. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports1

VIDEO: Joel Embiid's NBA Draft Workout

As mentioned in a previous article, all three of the top prospects in Wiggins, Parker, and Embiid completed workouts over the weekend in various locations. All have film and all will be available on the internet. Parker came out yesterday and now we have Embiid. Wiggins is supposed to be out later today or tomorrow, so keep watch for that.

Joel Embiid is the prospect with the biggest question mark, because of a stress fracture injury he suffered at the end of Kansas’ season. It caused him to miss all of the NCAA Tournament and his medical records aren’t being release.

However, Embiid does look wonderful in this workout. He’s hitting step back jumpers that look as sweet as ice cream and breaking that rim in half. The back looks good here, but medical reports still need to be handed out before Embiid is 100 percent cleared. All it takes is one wrong movement and it could end his career. It’s scary, but a reality at this point.

Regardless, it’s still positive to see Embiid looking as good as he does in this video. Remember, he’s only been playing the game for four years; his progress is incredible. If he can remain healthy, then there’s a huge shot that he winds up going No. 1. This is a once in a generation talent and that’s hard to pass up on.

If he somehow slips to the Sixers at No. 3, it would be interesting. Can he fit with Noel? I say no, some people say yes, but most people say no. Most basketball people that have an understanding of the game say no. But, it’s hard to pass up a talent like this. If it’s Embiid or Exum, someone could make a case to take Exum over Embiid. Someone could also make the case to take Embiid, trade him, and get a ton of assets for him.

No one will really know until the selections are announced. The NBA Draft is June 27th, people.

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  • Llaarryy

    I agree that it doesn’t appear Noel and Embiid would be a great fit, especially in a Brett Brown system.

    But I think the reason you have to pick Embiid at 3 (unless he’s not cleared medically) are that 1) He’s an asset that someone else will trade an arm and a leg for, 2) Even if he’s not a great long term fit with Noel, if they both develop then you can always trade one to get other assets, or 3) No one can assume yet that Noel is going to be awesome and durable in the long term.

    Bottom line, this pick could possibly be a cornerstone for a future championship-contending team, or it could be a super valuable stepping stone.

    • Drew Corrigan

      I agree with you here, unless they pick Dante Exum, I wouldn’t be upset at that. However, I do agree that if he’s there, he should be selected. I like all your points. Good job keeping it positive!