Apr 14, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard Michael Carter-Williams (1) shoots as Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green (8) defends in the fourth quarter of the game at Wells Fargo Center. The Philadelphia 76ers won 113-108. Mandatory Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft 2014: Is MCW on the Trading Block?

All of the hot takes are going to become even hotter as the NBA Draft gets closer. Being a month away now, this is only the beginning. Many people have tossed around the idea of trading Michael Carter-Williams and replacing him with Dante Exum, however, now it appears that the Sixers have had this same idea. Never before has a Rookie of the Year been subject to so many trade rumors. Michael Carter-Williams looked to be the new franchise face of the 76ers, but could it all come to an end within the next month?

It’s hard to make a case for trading the newly crowned Rookie of the Year, isn’t it? With Carter-Williams and Exum both having a less than stellar jumper, the 76ers might be concerned about the fit of the two athletic guards in the back court. It could be one of the most exciting tandems in the NBA, or one that throws up brick after brick on a nightly basis. Here what Chad Ford has to say about the 76ers and the possibility of an MCW trade (via NJ.com) :

The Philadelphia 76ers are Exum fans as well and if Wiggins is off the board, he’s in the mix. They think Exum and Carter-Williams could play together in the backcourt, though it would not be a very good shooting tandem. I think the more obvious fit comes if they trade Carter-Williams, an idea I’m told  they have bounced around.

Carter-Williams averaged 16.7 points, 6.3 assists and 6.2 rebounds last season and was the unanimous selection for Rookie of the Year. He is the second 76er to win the award in franchise history. The first was Allen Iverson, of course.

However, it’s no secret that the Sixers have some obsession with the Australian guard, Dante Exum. Head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Brett Brown, is familiar with Exum from his days of coaching the Australian National Team. Exum has experience playing off the ball, but appears much more competent and electric at the point guard position. Exum is considered a better prospect than Michael Carter-Williams which might make MCW expendable if Exum comes to Philadelphia with the No. 3 selection.

It’s hard to say what the 76ers would be asking for Carter-Williams. Could anyone realistically see Sam Hinkie moving the Rookie of the Year for anything less than a top-10 pick in this years draft, or next? The 76ers seem to have a knack for trading their famous players right after a great season. Philadelphia traded Andre Iguodala after his first All-Star appearance in the now infamous Andrew Bynum trade. More fresh in everyone’s memory is the Jrue Holiday swap which netted Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams after Holiday’s first All-Star selection. Could Sam Hinkie try to work the same magic he did last season in the draft?

Instead of Michael Carter-Williams and Dante Exum, the 76ers could land Dante Exum and Noah Vonleh, or someone like Julius Randle. That would just add to the future core of the 76ers, who would still have the 10th pick in the draft. There are a million trade scenarios that could appear from a Michael Carter-Williams trade, but who really thinks it could happen?

Do you think the 76ers should trade Michael Carter-Williams if they select Dante Exum with the No. 3 pick?



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  • Llaarryy

    Clearly it would take an offer you couldn’t refuse to move MCW. Not so much because he’s a superstar, but because he’s a “bird in the hand” in Hinkie’s master rebuilding plan.

    But, if we were convinced that Brown and Hinkie believe Exum’s upside is higher, and we allow ourselves a little indulgence, this 3-team trade might work:

    Sixers give:
    MCW to Brooklyn
    Moultrie to Sacramento

    Sixers get:
    No. 8 pick, Ben McLemore, and Reggie Evans from Sacramento
    Mason Plumlee from Brooklyn

    Deron Williams goes from Brooklyn to Sac
    Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, and Aaron Gray go from Sac to Brooklyn

    Sixers take on $3M extra cap baggage to help justify the draft pick. They could take on even more, it that’s what it took to get it done.

    Why’d the Nets do it? Kidd was a big PG and he likes coaching big ones (Shaun Livingston). He might think, he was able to improve his outside shot as he got older, so he can work his magic on MCW. In fact, there may not be another young PG that Kidd can vicariously relive his own career and overall playing style, than MCW.

    The Kings would do it because they’ve stated that they want an established vet for the No. 8 pick. As long as they’re convinced Deron can break in his shiny new ankles quickly, he fits that profile better than Thad Young. And they could dangle RFA Isaiah Thomas to get a young asset or pick that can compliment the Deron-Gay-Cousins trio.

    Kidd would have to be REALLY enamored with MCW’s future for this scenario to have any chance. But that’s how big get trades get done.

    Pure fantasy? Probably. But I’m not getting paid to post here… it’s all about entertainment value and I gotta say, I had fun coming up with this one.

    Go Sixers!

    • Zeru

      The Sixers take the 11th pick and the draft.. develop him into the rookie of the year after averaging 17 6 and 6 and can only turn him into the 8th pick? I think you underestimate Hinkie’s intentions if this is his intention at all. We could do much better than 8 for MCW. Better try top 5 pick. Maybe more.

      • Llaarryy

        With all due respect, I think you’re underestimating the strength and depth of this draft. No. 11 last year literally might be equivalent of 20 this year. And No. 8 this year literally could be 2 or 3 last year. Also you’re ignoring the value of last year’s No. 7 pick as well as all-rookie Plumlee. Especially on this team that is starving for depth shooting the ball and at the 4.