Feb 20, 2014; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jabari Parker (1) and North Carolina Tar Heels forward James Michael McAdoo (43) fight for a rebound in the second half. The Tar Heels defeated the Blue Devils 74-66 at Dean E. Smith Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft 2014: Peaking at Jabari Parker

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According to reports, it looks like Joel Embiid will be meeting with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Oh yeah, Embiid won’t be meeting with other teams if the Cavs inform Embiid that they plan to select him with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. If all goes according to plan, Embiid will be selected No. 1 by the Cavs, getting rid of any and all speculation about Embiid coming to Philadelphia and all the issues and drama that would cause.

With Embiid going No. 1, it’s almost guarenteed that Milwaukee would sntach Andrew Wiggins with the No. 2 pick. Smashing the dreams of a lot of 76ers fans in the process, but it’s hard to see Milwaukee letting Wiggins fall to the Sixers. If this happens, then Jabari Parker will be landing right where 76ers fans should want him — in Philadelphia.



Jabari Parker has caught a lot of criticism for his defense, or lack thereof, which seems to have some people thinking that he isn’t extremely talented, athletic, and explosive all at the same damn time. Remember when Kansas played Duke in the beginning of the season? The Andrew Wiggins vs Jabari Parker showdown? Jabari Parker had everyone and anyone saying that he deserved to be the No. 1 pick after his 27 point performance on 9-of-18 shooting (4-of-7 from deep).

Jabari Parker is an amazing prospect and has one of the best offensive repertoires in the top-three selections of the draft. He can take his man in the post, off the dribble, on the dribble, spot up, transition; and literally everywhere else on the floor. That’s the reason Parker averaged 19.1 points and 8.7 rebounds last season, shooting 47 percent from the floor and 36 percent from deep.

His offensive abilities appear to be very translatable to the NBA. Most expect him to come into the NBA and drop 18 and 8 on a nightly basis. The only issue is his defense. That’s going to be a problem when he has to check wings like Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Paul George, LeBron James, and others.

The 76ers would be smart to find a way to land Aaron Gordon in the draft to fit with Parker on the court. Gordon doesn’t have much of an offensive game, but his defense is top notch.

The 76ers would have to find a way to hide Parker’s defensive limitations. The good thing about this issue is that good defensive stances and positioning can be taught. It’s hard to teach the gifts that Jabari Parker has on the offensive side of the court. The 76ers are sill a few years away from competing, but Paker will immediately bring fans back into the Wells Fargo Center and ignite the new foundation of the 76ers.

A starting core of Michael Carter-Williams, Jabari Parker, and Nerlens Noel sounds pretty formidable. Could the 76ers have their own “Big Three” in the future if this core comes together? Time will tell, but those three names sound pretty damn good together.

Check out this in-depth breakdown of Jabari Parker’s game from Philly.com.

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  • Ashley Brehm

    Count me in I’m all for Jabari Parker I would to see him alongside Noel n MCW kinda like my own version of the big 3

    • Los

      Agreed, absolutely no doubt in mind that the 6ers NEED to leave the draft with one of the big 3 available, the 10th pick if it remains the 10th pick for the Sixers needs to be the cherry on top of our draft haul. I feel the top 3 in this draft have the potential to be franchise altering talents in the NBA. Embiid likely will go top 2, his two way dominate potential is too big to ignore. Wiggins would be a great fit immediately, as is because of his eye popping athleticism given the system the Sixers run, transition run & gun basketball, he would thrive immediately & with that incredible two way ceiling he can continue to fill up along the way, which if he reaches, would end up being a franchise caliber player & the best player out of the draft; he would be a great fit for us. Parker is a scoring machine, & given his size would be a nightmare match up for opposing teams on the offensive end. The knock on him is his athleticism & defensive flaws. I think his athleticism is severely underrated at this point, the kid can get up for a player his size, & the defensive issues can be adjusted by the system & coach, to the point where he’ll be competent on that end of the ball. Have to also remember he struggled with the foot injury & wasn’t in the best of shape during the season because of it. The intangibles are what sell me on JP, he comes from a humble background & is a humble kid. He knows what it’s like to go through the fire, & is resilient & a bred leader, with that killer instinct & desire to win. His IQ & maturity are top notch & he’s unselfish, you’re talking about a slightly bigger, unselfish Melo , WITH IQ & maturity/leadership? Sounds like a franchise player to me, if that’s our worst outcome, we’re in a win-win situation. Parker is underrated.