NBA Draft 2014: Dante Exum Won't Get Past 76ers

Dante Exum had a workout in Philadelphia on Sunday and according to reports, it went very well. The Australian guard is the mystery man of the 2014 NBA Draft, but the Sixers have the upper-hand with Exum. Brett Brown has coached him before and has a relationship with him — doesn’t he seem like a perfect fit in Philadelphia?

It’s a little saddening to almost realize that Andrew Wiggins will never be in a 76ers uniform, barring a miracle, but Dante Exum appears to be shaping up damn good.

With reports coming out about the Cavs being sold on Jabari Parker as the No. 1 overall selection and the Bucks having ZERO interest in Joel Embiid, it appears that Dante Exum is the selection for the Sixers at No. 3. Get yourselves familiar with Dante Exum folks, because he’s coming to Philadelphia. #ExumToPhilly. NBA Draft is in THREE DAYS.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to checkout Exum’s first commercial with adidas:

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  • Will McGuire

    Why would you pass on Embiid to take ANOTHER PG when it’s the easiest position to get league average play at? Get the athletic 7 footer.

    • Khalid

      Because an athletic 7 footer with back and foot problem is of no use if he always hurt. If it was just one issue that one thing but he has a back and foot fractures in the span of 4 months

    • Nick C.

      Exum’s scouting report suggests he is much better at driving to the hoop, than MCW. Also, though Wiggins is more athletic, Exum is the better Isolation player right now. There’s a chance it stays that way.

    • Drew Corrigan

      Why would you pass on Embiid? There’s about a million reasons.

      • Will McGuire

        That’s how you end up with Otto Porter/Alex Len/Cody Zeller. Gotta take the BPA.

  • Will McGuire

    You don’t have enough info about Embiid to say he’s never going to be healthy. If you’re going to go with a PG at least get one you can play with MCW like Smart.

    • Drew Corrigan

      I have enough info to say he has a stress fracture in his back and foot from three years of playing basketball. And why can’t you play Exum with MCW? I’d love to hear reasoning.

      • Will McGuire

        I’m kind of skittish about having a pair of starting guards for the long haul, and neither one can shoot from the outside.