NBA Draft 2014: ESPN's Fake NBA Draft Results For 76ers

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So as some of you know, Chad Ford and Jeff Goodman did a fake draft on ESPN in which they were the GMs of the teams in the NBA Draft. The two took turns choosing picks for the most part (Chad Ford traded to the rights of multiple choices, it’ll make more sense later). So here is my grade for the picks they chose for Philly.

*Notice: Chad Ford and Sam Hinkie may very well be the same person.

Number 3:

Chad Ford goes with the Aussie sex symbol, Dante “Sexum” Exum at three and ends up trading MCW to the Lakers for the No. 7 pick. That’s a pretty nice get for the Sixers, seeing as most have Exum rated as a better prospect coming out of this year’s draft than they did with MCW coming out of last year’s draft. The Sixers didn’t end up with the Canadian sensation Andrew Wiggins, but they might have scored the smartest player in Exum. Brett Brown gets to reunite with Exum and wreak havoc upon the league as they unleash the Down Under voodoo magic.

With trading MCW, they go all in with Exum as being their future point guard. There are two types of people in this world; those who like Dante Exum, those who don’t like Dante Exum and those who are unsure about Dante Exum. After watching this kid play in the FIBA U19 last year, I can say that he is on the level of MCW and will only get better seeing as he is 3 or 4 years younger.

This pick gets an A. Ford scored Exum, who many believe has one of the highest ceilings in the draft, and also another draft pick for Sam Hinkie.

Oh and Chad Ford wanted to reassure us that everything will be ok, Philly fans.

Also, it seems as if a lot of people took Chad Ford’s trade scenario of Michael Carter-Williams for the Lakers 7th pick seriously and stirred some ish up in the twitter world.

Number 7:

The Sixers take Noah Vonleh with the No. 7 pick. Noah projects to play the power/stretch 4 in the NBA and still gobbles up boards. He is a nice complimentary player next to Noel down low. With the two of them down on the blocks, grabbing boards, the Sixers may literally lead the NBA in rebounding and blocks a couple years down the road (only half kidding). Noah has long been one of my favorite players and I think he’ll be something special down the road. He is one of they youngest players in the draft and has great physical tools.

This pick gets an A-. Noah is my second rated “big man” in the draft and gets him for the price of MCW.

Number 10:

As expected, Jeff Goodman has to go and mess everything up. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, JEFF! Jeff decides to take his man-crush, completely un-biased based player, Doug McDerpmott. His argument is that the Sixers need a shooter, which is not completely false, and with Stauskas off the board, he might be the best shooter left. But that may be all that McBuckets is. A 3pt specialist, in which there is a lot of value there but not for a team that’s going to be tanking another year. Also, for those of you familiar with Michael Levin over at Liberty Ballers, I’m pretty sure he would bust into flames if the Sixers went with McDermott here.

This pick gets a grade that I see frequently in my class, a C. After taking Exum and Vonleh, Hinkie and co have a chance to be very aggressive here and take a guy like Zach LaVine.

PS: It gets better later on, Ford steps in and saves us from Goodman’s dumbassery.

Chad Ford goes on to reiterate my point above. Chad Ford is also the man, beeteedubz.

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