NBA Draft 2014: ESPN's Fake NBA Draft Results For 76ers

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Goodman offers up the rights to Doug McDermott, who the Sixers took at 10, for the Bulls 16 and 19 picks. And of course Chad Ford says yes because he’s not a bumbling imbecile. There was only one stipulation that Ford wanted

Chad Ford wanted to pick both 16 and 19 for the Sixers so Goodman didn’t get a chance to run the franchise into the ground.

For this trade, Ford gets an A++. He didn’t have to give up Thad Young and he got two extra picks in the middle of a very loaded drafted class.

Number 16:

Ford selects one of my favorite players, Dario Saric. Saric is a draft n stash player, seeing as he just signed a new deal over in Turkey that won’t allow him to come over for another two years. Dario is a top 10 talent but falls because many teams aren’t willing to risk waiting that long. The Sixers are in perfect position to keep on waiting. They are in no rush and this allows Dario to keep developing his game overseas (however, I wish it was the Sixers developing his game but can’t win em all.) I was opposed to taking Saric with a top 10 pick but this pick is correct value for a guy that Philly won’t see for a couple years.

This pick gets another A-. Saric might not be a sexy name (metaphorically, Saric itself is incredibly sexy) to some Sixer fans because the wait, but trust me he is worth the wait, if you know what I mean.

Number 19:

Ford goes with TJ Warren out of NC State. This is a pick that rubs me in a way that I don’t know how to react. I mean, I like TJ Warren but not sure about with the Sixers. I guess my draft-crush for either KJ McDaniels or PJ Hairston would kick in here and I’d be indifferent with this pick. Ford cites that he’s the second best pure scorer in the draft but not sure how is Doug Collins-esque offense would fit in with the Sixers.

This pick gets a Z, because I have no idea what to think of it. Deal wit it.

Chad Ford reiterates what the Sixers have drafted so far. Dante Exum, Noah Vonleh, Dario Saric and TJ Warren and Chad “Hinkie” Ford isn’t even done yet.

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