Join The Sixer Sense

Join The Sixer Sense

Here at The Sixer Sense, we have many writers on staff. In fact, we have the largest staff in the FanSided NBA Division. But guess what? There’s room for more! It’s a great opportunity writing for FanSided. Here are some benefits of being a staff writer or radio host:

Start your writing career

We’ve seen writers start out as staff writers and editors and become writers for ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and official team sites. I started as a staff writer myself. When former editor, Dante Nelson, stepped down, I was given the opportunity to step into the editor role. While being a staff writer isn’t a paid position, it’s still a chance for bigger things. FanSided NBA writers have gone on to write for, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and individual team websites. This is an awesome opportunity.

National media exposure

You may have noticed, but The Sixer Sense, as well as the entire FanSided network, is part of Sports Illustrated and their digital network (you can see that at the bottom of each FanSided page. Go ahead and scroll down!). Basically, we have our own section on SI that is completely dedicated to FanSided. When posts on this site are published, they are immediately streamed on the team site on We all know SI is a leader in sports coverage and everybody knows about them.

Become a Staff Writer

So what is expected of you?

On the lowest of terms, you would need to submit 4 articles per month. Here at The Sixer Sense, I have actually laid out a writing schedule for the staff to follow. So in that (Sixer) sense, you’ll know when to write and what to write. But that’s not the limit. Any type of team analysis post you want to put up, go ahead and put it up. The more posts, the better.

Experience is not required. Take my staff for instance. I have writers who have their own sites they manage while writing here. I have writers who have never written in the sports world before. It’s a great mixture of writing styles and experiences that can help everybody grow as a writer. When filling out an application, they’ll ask for a writing sample. Take your time with it. This leads me to my next point…

Have a passion for writing. Enjoy yourself. You’re free to write what you want. Yeah I have a schedule that you need to follow but you know what? That shouldn’t stop you from expressing your opinions. It shouldn’t stop you from being the best writer you can be. As long as you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll make great content that not only helps you in your career, but it helps the site and network’s reputation as a place where writers thrive. We want unique things here.

Of course, you need to be able to write. You don’t have to be an expert. But, “You’re” and “Your” are two different words. I’m not trying to be down on anybody but I have seen things. Some people who have their own blogs have poor grammar. Here at FanSided, we want high, original quality work.

Become a Hub Editor

Here’s a position that doesn’t require any writing. Be a hub editor. What do you do? Welp, have you noticed a section on the site called, “The Hub”? Welp, you would manage that area. You would post links to articles, tweets, quotes and more in the land of Sixers.

Become a Copy Editor

You’re someone that knows good grammar. You’re have a good eye. You may know how to write or love to write but maybe don’t have time to actually write. Well, you can be a copy editor. Help the editor keep track of the site by making sure photos, grammar, and overall site appearance is in order. And hey, push a post or two if you want.

Become a Radio Host

Do you love talking Sixers basketball? Would you like to become a radio host for The Sixer Sense? We would love to have you! E-mail me at [email protected] if something like this interests you.

What’s Next?

Okay so you read this post. And you’re asking: How do I start? Where’s the application? Well, I have one more thing I would like you to do. Take a tour of the site. Get to know what we’re doing. I’ve posted a page that talks about the different weekly features on the site. Learn about the staff on the staff spotlight page. Even go to and read all the stuff on the about page. Make sure you want to be a part of the FanSided family.

Talk to me. Ask me questions. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, even LinkedIn. Anything you want to know, I’ll get you the answers.

After that, if you still want to write for us, go to this link: Join FanSided

Got any questions? Email me at [email protected]