USA Basketball Live Blog Coverage!


The final 12-player team for the USA basketball team has yet to be decided, and tonight, we will get to witness an inter squad scrimmage as all of the players compete for a spot on the final roster. There is one Philadelphia 76ers’ member out there, our very own Andre Iguodala. Will he make the team? With a strong performance in tonight’s game, he could possibly sneak onto the 12 man roster. Stay tuned to The Sixer Sense for updates throughout the game as we follow Iguodala’s progress, as well as the other competitors.

12:00 ET: The final quarter was once again dominated by Team White. Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose made some excellent passes, with Rondo pulling off perhaps the best pass to Jeff Green. The guard play for Team USA definitley isn’t a concern, but their frontcourt does remain a concern. Kevin Love played nicely, but Tyson Chandler did the best out of the big men. He utilized his height to haul in boards, as well as putting the ball back in the net and eliminating open shots. His prescence for Team USA will be a big must if they want to succeed against the top teams in the world. O.J. Mayo and Eric Gordon played great games, and certainly improved their stocks. The Sixers’ very own, Andre Iguodala, hit a three pointer in the final quarter, and had a steal in what ended up being a solid night all around. His chances of making the final roster are still up in the air, as Danny Granger, Rudy Gay, and O.J. Mayo are all competing for the same position.

11:30 ET: The third quarter has concluded, with the Blue Team dominating the White Team. Kevin Durant has eclipsed 20 points, and is clearly the star of the night. However, Eric Gordon has performed rather well tonight, and has shown his range throughout the night. Kevin Love, who could be a key role player for Team USA, held his own on the boards, and ended the quarter with an impressive outlet pass, which unfortunately wasn’t converted.  The quarter saw a lot of points scored, with the three’s continuing to rain down. The veteran leader of the team, Chauncey Billups, found his groove, hitting a few three-pointers in the early stage of the third quarter. The fourth quarter is getting underway, and some of the smaller named players should receive some good playing time. Hopefully Iggy can get things going in the fourth quarter.

11:00 ET: With the first half over, the updates in the second half will only occur at the end of the third quarter and fourth quarter. They will, however, be summaries of the half, as well insightful. So check back at the end of the third quarter.

10:52 ET:Derrick Rose hits the final shot of the first half, Team White leads 56-44. Iguodala, Durant, and Gordon have represented their team very well throughout the first half.

10:50 ET: Once again, Iggy has delivered another three pointer. His play is impressing everyone! Eric Gordon is another one of those guys who’s done nothing but help his chances of making the 12-man team.

10:45 ET:Steph Curry delivered a nice alley-oop pass to Iguodala, who finished it with a touch of the glass. The next possession for Team White ended with another alley-oop, this time it was slammed home by Kevin Durant, the star player to Team USA.

10:42 ET: Iggy hits another three pointer. So far, Iggy has been shooting very well, and appears to be playing solid defense. He’s done nothing but improve his chances of making the team… but will it be enough?

10:38 ET: Billups misses on his fast break layup, while Stephen Curry takes it the other way and converts on a layup in traffic. If there’s one player who’s impressing me the most, it has to be Curry.

10:36 ET:Good play is starting to pick up for both teams. Kevin Durant has hit 10 points, while Stephen Curry has shown his sharp shooting ability. Andre Iguodala has recorded an assist, and has drawn a shooting foul, but missed both of his foul shots.

10:30 ET: Javale McGee, who just joined the team following injuries, scores 6 quick points. Could he steal a roster spot?

10:25 ET: The first quarter has come to an end. Team White is shooting well, 70% from the field. Kevin Durant leads with 6 points, and the three-point shooting has been impressive up to this point. However, the turnovers (mostly Team Blue) are concerning, but then again, it’s expected since these guys are not accustomed to playing with each other.

10:21 ET: Well, Team USA appears to have an A+ in the three point shooting department. Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo and Eric Gordon have been exchanging three’s as of recent.

10:20 ET: Rudy Gay appears to be in a three way battle with Danny Granger and Andre Iguodala for the backup role to Kevin Durant. As of now, Iggy has the advantage according to the stats, but Granger is playing well too.

10:18 ET: Kevin Love records a blocking foul for Team Blue. Team White’s aggresive style of play is translating into a pretty big lead for the moment. Off the bench, Eric Gordon drilled a three-pointer, but his lack of physical play could cost him a spot on the 12-man roster.

10:15 ET: Rajon Rondo of the Blue Team just missed on his pass across court. His turnover leads to a Kevin Durnat bucket on the other end.

10: 12 ET: Iggy gets defensive, gets a nice block in the corner. Team White continues to hold a six point lead, 12-6, and appears to be more prepared then their Team White counterparts. Tyson Chandler, standing at 7’1″, has been playing great on both sides of the court, something that Team USA is looking for from him.

10: 09 ET: Team White’s 3-2 zone defense seems to be holding up very well. Team Blue has four turnovers already.

10: 07 ET: Once again, Iguodala hits a shot, this time it comes from behind the arc. After a quick start, Iggy is leading Team White for the moment.

10:06 ET: Sixers’ Andre Iguodala nails a mid-range jumper to score his first points of the night. Hopefully he can continue to shoot well throughout the night.

10:04 ET: After a slam dunk from Kevin Durant for Team White, Rudy Gay nails a three-pointer for Team Blue.

10:03 ET: Stephen Curry nails the game’s first bucket. A three-pointer for Team White.